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UCL Grand Challenges Contacts

  • Principal FacilitatorDr Ian Scott +44 (0)20 7679 8583 (internal x28583)
  • Communications DirectorNicholas Tyndale +44 (0)20 7679 8799 (internal x28799)

UCL Grand Challenges

UCL is committed to using its vast range of expertise to improve humanity’s circumstances.

Grand Challenges

The world faces crises on many fronts. Billions of us suffer from illness and disease, despite applicable preventions and cures. Life in our cities is under threat from dysfunctionality and climate change. The prospect of global peace and cooperation remains under assault from tensions between our nations, faiths and cultures. Our quality of life – actual and perceived – diminishes despite technological advances.

These are global problems, and we must resolve them if future generations are to be provided with the opportunity to flourish. We are contributing to that effort through the UCL Grand Challenges.

The underlying philosophy of the Grand Challenges programme is that solutions to complex and systemic problems emerge only when different kinds of expertise and methodologies are brought together: that our collective wisdom is greater than the sum of our expertise.

To find out more about our progress to date, read our report (pdf).

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