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UCL is host to a wide range of Population and Clinical Cohorts, as well as Electronic Health Record studies. These prospective and retrospective cohort studies follow a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience (e.g. are born, or undergo a particular medical treatment) and use correlations to analyse risk factors.

A Review of UCL Population Health Cohorts

The UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain supported a review of population health cohorts (2013-2015), which was led by Professor Aroon Hingorani

The review aimed to:

  • identify large Population, Clinical and Electronic Health Record studies hosted at UCL
  • support the development of a cohort strategy, which would aim to provide a supportive environment, share best practice and capitalise on opportunities for synergy and connectivity between these cohorts 
  • raise awareness of these cohorts across UCL to facilitate new research, maximising their usage.

Review recommendations are now being implemented and include the appointment of three Early Career Springboard fellowships and the development of this website.

For more information on the cohort review please contact Sarah Welsher.​