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16 November, 2018 - UCLH Research Open Day 2019

Time: 13:00:00 - 16:30:00

Our annual open day celebrating cutting edge research at UCLH and UCL will take place on 4th July 2019, from 1pm – 4:30pm. This will be the 6th year we have run the event, which always proves popular with the local community. At this free event, members of the public will be able to talk to doctors and scientists about the work they are currently doing to improve car for patients at UCLH and beyond. There will be interactive stall, games, prizes and more! More details will follow in due course.

Location: UCLH, , ,

Contact: Marie Ange Achille

Email: m.achille@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: Please email

19 November, 2018 - UCL BBSRC Executive Visit and Showcase

Time: 11:30:00 - 15:00:00

We are delighted to welcome Professor Melanie Welham, the BBSRC’s Executive Chair and other members of the BBSRC Executive to UCL. The day will showcase UCL’s world-class bioscience and biotechnology research, and forms part of UCL’s Strategic Partnership with BBSRC. You are invited to attend the BBSRC Executive Chair’s talk and Showcase, which will be a great opportunity to hear from Professor Welham on the future of UK bioscience funding and engage in interactive discussion with BBSRC staff. There will also be talks from BBSRC-funded academics to demonstrate the breadth and quality of research at UCL. Who should attend this event? - Anyone working in, or with an interest in research within BBSRC’s remit areas, whether or not you are funded by BBSRC. We especially encourage early career researchers to attend.

Location: Room 421, Roberts Building, Malet Place, London, WC1E 7JE

Contact: SLMS Facilitators

Email: slms.facilitators@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: Please email

21 November, 2018 - Writing Effective Data Management Plans

Time: 14:00:00 - 15:30:00

This 1½ hour workshop is particularly relevant for researchers who will have to produce a Data Management Plan as part of a funding application. Overview: Research Data Management (RDM) is an increasingly important skill for researchers across all disciplines and career stages. Research funders are increasingly introducing new requirements around Data Management as part of the application process. Often researchers will be asked to produce a Data Management Plan as part of a funding application or be required to share data at the end of a project. This workshop will provide a practical overview of the major issues in RDM including how to meet funder requirements, how to effectively store data during your project, and making decisions about whether to share research data. As part of the workshop participants will begin to develop a data management plan.

Location: TBC, , London,

Contact: Kate Brown

Email: kate.brown@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)203 108 6295

23 November, 2018 - Demonstrating real world impact through your research

Time: 11:00:00 - 14:00:00

It’s not always easy for academics and researchers to see the impact of their work. Traditional markers of influence, such as citations, are not sufficient to tell the story of impact. This interactive session will be an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to discuss with a panel of experienced publishers how we can work together to challenge simplistic and outdated approaches to impact, shifting beyond metrics and celebrating impact of all shapes and sizes.

Location: Ground Floor Meeting Room, UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Research) , 2 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BT

Contact: Michael Reade

Email: m.reade@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 020 7679 8713 (internal: 28713)

26 November, 2018 - Evaluating the impact of licensing decisions on crime and public health

Time: 11:00:00 - 17:00:00

SPHR researchers, Public Health England, and public health and alcohol licensing managers have worked together to develop new methodology to measure the impact of local alcohol licensing decisions on crime and health statistics. This workshop aims to showcase the methodology, discuss its benefits, how it can be applied to other licensing decisions and its potential use as evidence in licensing cases.

Location: Public Health England, Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Road, Lambeth, London, SE1 8UG

Contact: NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR)

Email: sphr@newcastle.ac.uk

Phone: 0191 208 3829

27 November, 2018 - Lunch Hour Lecture: What Can the ONS Longitudinal Study Tell Us about Time Travel and about the Force?

Time: 13:10:00 - 13:55:00

The ONS Longitudinal Study is a sample of around 1% of persons in England and Wales, drawn from the decennial census. The sample comprises all people born on four (undisclosed) days spread through the year. Sample members’ census records from 1971 through to 2011 are linked together. This lecture describes the study for those who have not used it before – and explains how to apply to use it – by drawing on two examples. Firstly, we consider the film Back To The Future, and ask ‘what can the census tell us about time-travel?’. Mirroring the plot structure as far as we can, we compare the outcomes of people who were teenagers in the mid-1950s and people who were teenagers in the mid-1980s. Secondly, we turn to the Star Wars films, and consider the extent of faith of people who indicated in the 2001 Census that they followed the Jedi religion. Does the option to self-identify as Jedi encourage people to complete a census return, when otherwise they might not have done so?

Location: Darwin Lecture Theatre , Darwin Building, access via Malet Place, London, WC1E 6BT

Contact: Kimberly Hemming

Email: events@ucl.ac.uk


29 November, 2018 - Failing the Future - Childhood in an Unequal World by Professor Kate Pickett

Time: 18:00:00 - 21:00:00

Professor Kate Pickett, a world-renowned inequality expert, will draw on her extensive work to explore the effects of inequality on child wellbeing. Professor Pickett is co-author of The Spirit Level and The Inner Level and one of the co-founders of the Equality Trust. This event is second annual Richard Wilkinson Lecture, run by the Equality Trust in partnership with UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences.

Location: Kennedy Lecture Theatre, GOS Institute of Child Health, 30 Guildford Street, London,

Contact: The Equality Trust

Email: Please phone

Phone: +44 (0)20 3637 0324

29 November, 2018 - People, pathways and policy: findings from the CLS Research Programme

Time: 09:30:00 - 18:30:00

This one day event from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies is an opportunity to hear evidence from a major programme of research examining and comparing the lives and experiences of thousands of individuals across the UK, from multiple generations. We will share brand new insights, and ask what these mean for public policy today. Our Cross Cohort Research Programme is a major initiative, using data from our own four cohort studies and other UK studies, to understand how our lives unfold and what can help improve people’s chances in life. Incorporating seven projects, the programme has explored many themes relevant to policy makers and practitioners, including: - The long-term implications of childhood mental ill health - The rising prevalence of obesity - The link between parents’ wealth and their children’s own life chances

Location: Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London, W1W 6JJ

Contact: Jennie Blows

Email: j.blows@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: Please email

30 November, 2018 - 2nd World AIDS Day at the Crick

Time: 14:00:00 - 18:00:00

World AIDS Day takes place on the 1st December each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day. Come and join us at the Francis Crick Institute on Friday afternoon for a journey to discover how basic research can lead to HIV treatments, to catch up with recent updates on HIV vaccines, and to learn how new prevention strategies can help stop the spread of HIV.

Location: The Francis Crick Institute, 1 Midland Road , London, NW1 1AT

Contact: The Francis Crick Institute

Email: info@crick.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 3796 0000

5 December, 2018 - Immersive Technologies for Healthcare Short Course

Time: -

Hosted by The Bartlett Real Estate Institute. Places are still available for this interactive one-day course for those with an interest in healthcare buildings. There is an increased need for built environment professionals to understand state of the art advanced and immersive technologies. These are one of the main drivers of healthcare growth and development. This one-day interactive course will give you the chance to experience these technologies first hand, explore the broader context of these technologies and the opportunities and challenges for the planning and design of healthcare facilities, from teaching hospitals to care homes.

Location: The Bartlett Real Estate Institute (BREI), First Floor, UCL at Here East, 8 – 9 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E15 2GW

Contact: Bandana Rehncy

Email: brei.healthcarefacilities@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 020 3108 8162

6 December, 2018 - Crick Lecture: Rachel Batterham

Time: 16:00:00 - 17:00:00

Crick Lectures are open to scientists from other institutes and universities in and around London and elsewhere. Attendees require a minimum of graduate-level biological knowledge and the Crick lectures are not suitable for school-aged participants. Rachel Batterham is a professor of obesity, diabetes and endocrinology, who established and leads the UCLH Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery. She is internationally renown for her expertise in the clinical management of people with obesity and obesity-related diseases and her obesity research expertise is broad ranging; including cutting-edge basic science research, lifestyle interventions, clinical trials and influencing health-care policy.

Location: The Francis Crick Institute , 1 Midland Road , London , NW1 1AT

Contact: The Francis Crick Institute

Email: info@crick.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 3796 0000

6 December, 2018 - Preparing for the future: tackling the key challenges facing the UK's longitudinal studies

Time: 10:00:00 - 16:30:00

This one-day conference will identify solutions to the key challenges facing the UK’s longitudinal population studies. The UK’s longitudinal population studies currently face a number of challenging issues ranging from data collection and data access, to how to best demonstrate research impact and engage effectively with policy makers. With a strong focus on problem solving, this event aims to identify the best ways to tackle these key challenges. With a packed agenda informed by the results of a consultation exercise with the UK’s longitudinal studies, each session will involve group discussions and the chance for delegates to share their own experiences, as well as help identify potential solutions to the issues raised. After the meeting, CLOSER will circulate a report summarising the outcomes from the discussions. In addition, we will identify a number of small working groups to investigate certain areas covered in the meeting and identify key recommendations.

Location: 6th floor, Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road , London, NW1 2BE

Contact: Jennie Blows

Email: j.blows@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 7331 5102

6 December, 2018 - Understanding Society Confererence: Combining Biological and Social Data

Time: 09:30:00 - 17:00:00

Registration is now open for this one-day conference exploring the links between the biological and the social. What are the links between childhood circumstances and allostatic load? How does shift working impact on associations with DNA methylation and sleep patterns? Can machine learning help us understand the links between social, health and biomarker data when looking at predictors for future health? How does neighbourhood air pollution and green space affect inflammatory markers? Drawing together researchers from many different specialisms, the conference is aimed at researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including health economists, social epidemiologists, medical sociologists, health geographers and survey methodologists, as well as researchers who want to learn more about the use of biomarkers in social research.

Location: Broadway House, Tothill Street , London, SW1H 9NQ

Contact: Understanding Society

Email: info@understandingsociety.ac.uk

Phone: Please email

13 December, 2018 - Celebrating CRAEtivity: An Evening of Autistic Art & Music

Time: 18:00:00 - 20:00:00

CRAE is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a charity evening celebrating autistic people in the arts. For this extra special event, we are incredibly excited to welcome world-renowned concert pianist, Derek Paravicini. Derek is blind, autistic and has severe learning difficulties and is one of the most extraordinary pianists and musical entertainers of his generation, rapidly learning musical pieces simply by listening to them. Derek will be joined on stage by Professor Adam Ockelford, Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton, whose research focuses on educational needs and music for those with disabilities. Autistic artist, Patrick Samuel will also be live-drawing the performance and his artworks will be on display in the foyer throughout the evening for guests to enjoy at their leisure. The evening will be hosted by CRAE's very own current Artist-in-Residence, Ali Northcott.

Location: Logan Hall, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL

Contact: Anna Remington

Email: a.remington@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 02079115361

9 April, 2019 - CBC Conference 2019 - Behaviour Change for Health: Digital and other Innovative Methods

Time: 09:00:00 - 17:00:00

The 5th annual Centre for Behaviour Change Conference will be welcoming submissions on research and practice to change health-related behaviour using digtial and non-digital approaches. We are looking for talks, posters, symposia and workshops to stimulate a lively exchange of ideas between industry and academia. More information on abstract submissions will be available in coming weeks. Early bird registration are now open! Purchase your event and conference dinner tickets via the UCL online store. Pre-conference workshops will be running on Monday 08 April. More information to follow soon.

Location: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL

Contact: Centre for Behaviour Change

Email: behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 020 7679 5497

19 April, 2019 - The Art of Science and Health - by UCL Health Creatives

Time: 08:00:00 - 08:00:00

A ‘visual feast’ of work produced by UCL Health Creatives, a group of medical photographers, designers, digital developers and videographers. The exhibition displays a snap shot of the depth, breadth and quality of work undertaken for UCL, allied Trusts and wider health & research communities.

Location: South Cloisters, Wilkins Building, Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT

Contact: Jayne Noctor

Email: j.noctor@ucl.ac.uk