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Click on the links above to explore the research Themes that sit within the UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain.

The UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain brings together researchers and practitioners across UCL and beyond, to explore the factors that determine health and disease in populations, and to develop, test, and measure the impact of interventions and service improvement to enhance the health and wellbeing of the public, and reduce inequalities in health status.


Events & Seminars

31 May, 2017Get that grant: introduction to grantsmanship for early career researchers
1 June, 2017IIT Seminar: Infection Induced Lung Germinal Centres
3 June, 2017#LearnHack
5 June, 2017The immunology of TB
7 June, 2017Research, impact and the UK Parliament: London
8 June, 2017IIT Seminar: Mosquito bite inflammation: more than just a nuisance
13 June, 2017Read all about it! Media relations for early career researchers
13 June, 2017The effects of the built environment on social networks and mental wellbeing
15 June, 2017Learning to live with MS: A true story
19 June, 2017Consulting skills - career development programme for UCL researchers
20 June, 2017UCL Research Staff Conference 2017: Transitions in Careers
22 June, 2017Embedding innovation in the NHS: patient, practice and system perspectives
22 June, 2017IIT Seminar: How T cells cause autoimmune disease and hold the key to curing cancer
23 June, 2017TechSharing Seminar Series: Co-design in digital health
27 June, 2017Webinar: introduction to Next Steps and the Age 25 Survey
30 June, 2017Tricks of the Trade: Working Across Disciplines: concepts, language and ways of working
2 July, 2017Digital Health 2017: Global Public Health, Personalised Medicine, and Emergency Medicine in the Age of Big Data
12 July, 2017TechSharing Seminar Series: Getting your digital product into the NHS (or choosing not to)
13 July, 2017IIT Seminar: Learning from helminths: Type 2 Immunity and Tissue Repair
14 July, 2017UCL School of Pharmacy postdoctoral research and careers day
20 July, 2017Faculty of Medical Sciences Research Day
28 July, 2017Nutrition, Oral Health & Performance Symposium
31 July, 2017Centre for Behaviour Change - summer school 2017
14 August, 2017Centre for Behaviour Change - summer school 2017
18 September, 2017Research methods course: HIV, sexual health and infectious diseases
12 December, 2017Save the date: Launch of UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD)

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