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The UCL Neuroscience Domain brings together all UCL neuroscientists to make fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians, and to transform our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.



Events & Seminars

21 November, 2018Division of Psychiatry seminar series: Dr Helen Bould
21 November, 2018NHS at 70: Celebrating the achievements of Queen Square
22 November, 2018SWC Seminar: Dr Yang Dan
22 November, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Dr Marc Busche
23 November, 2018Brain Meeting
26 November, 2018ICN Seminar: Memory for specific events: the impact of emotional activation
27 November, 2018Experimental Psychology Seminar
27 November, 2018Functional Diversity of Astrocytes - Professor David H Rowitch
27 November, 2018Queen Square Inaugural Lecture: Professors Alex Leff and Nick Ward
27 November, 2018WIBR Seminar: Professor David Rowitch
28 November, 2018Crick Chat on Motor Neuron Disease
28 November, 2018Seminar: Insights into the molecular basis of Huntington’s disease
29 November, 2018ALS Seminar
30 November, 2018Brain Meeting
30 November, 2018Ear Institute: External Seminar
3 December, 2018ICN Seminar: 'Making memories - how the human hippocampus binds, consolidates and retrieves experiences'
4 December, 2018ALS Seminar: New approaches in the hunt for drug targets to treat neurodegenerative disease
5 December, 2018NPP Seminar - Depth learning: A primal role for balance in locomotor development
6 December, 2018CDB seminar: Dynamical modelling of somatic genomes: tumour evolution and chromosomal instability
6 December, 2018SWC Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series: Dr Alon Rubin
7 December, 2018Brain Meeting
10 December, 2018ICN Seminar: 'The developing bodily self'
10 December, 2018Queen Square Inaugural Lecture: Professors Adrian Isaacs & Sebastian Crutch
13 December, 2018CDB seminar: Engineering neurogenesis for the postnatal brain
13 December, 2018Celebrating CRAEtivity: An Evening of Autistic Art & Music
13 December, 2018SWC Special Lecture: Professor Daniel Dennett
13 December, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Dr Ingo Greger
14 December, 2018Brain Meeting
14 December, 2018Ear Institute: External Seminar
18 December, 2018Sir Victor Horsley Lecture 2018 - Dr. Shinya Yamada
19 December, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Insight and self-awareness
9 January, 2019Down Syndrome Seminar Series - UCL Institute of Neurology
15 January, 2019ALS Seminar
16 January, 2019Developmental Neurosciences Seminar Series
25 January, 2019Ear Institute: External Seminar
29 January, 2019ALS Seminar
1 February, 2019UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Symposium: Living with Cognitive Disability
6 February, 2019Down Syndrome Seminar Series - UCL Institute of Neurology
12 February, 2019ALS Seminar
6 March, 2019Down Syndrome Seminar Series - UCL Institute of Neurology
25 March, 201919th Annual Course: Neuroradiology & Functional Neuroanatomy - 25th-28th March 2019
2 April, 2019Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases
4 April, 2019UK Neuromuscular Translational Research Conference 2019 - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS + REGISTRATION OPEN

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