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The UCL Neuroscience Domain brings together all UCL neuroscientists to make fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians, and to transform our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Events & Seminars

1 August, 2018IoN Seminar Series
3 August, 2018Symposium: Our Life in an Ageing Society – How the young generation solves various problems associated with ageing
9 August, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Title TBC
3 September, 2018Systems Biology: Making Sense of Complexity Symposium 3 & 4 September 2018
5 September, 2018IoN Seminar Series: The low complexity domain of TDP43s acts as an RNP assembly platform and directs RNA specificity
6 September, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series
11 September, 2018ALS Seminar: Is ALS a simple, complex or simplex disease?
13 September, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Title TBC
13 September, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Motor recovery after stroke: conceptual puzzle, practical challenge
14 September, 2018UCL Annual Synaptopathies Symposium 2018
19 September, 2018The involvement of women's partners and families in perinatal mental health care: a qualitative study
19 September, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Community Treatment Orders - why can't we accept the evidence
3 October, 2018IoN Seminar Series
9 October, 2018ALS Seminar: Professor Andre Gerber
11 October, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Exploiting plasticity in brainstem systems for rehabilitation
16 October, 2018Evening Event: Representing the body: art, physiology and pathology collide
17 October, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: The computational anatomy of psychosis
7 November, 2018IoN Seminar Series
8 November, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Advances in evidence-based MS physical rehabilitation
12 November, 2018WIBR Seminar: Professor David Rowitch
13 November, 2018ALS Seminar: Dr Mhoriam Ahmed
4 December, 2018ALS Seminar: New approaches in the hunt for drug targets to treat neurodegenerative disease
5 December, 2018IoN Seminar Series
19 December, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Insight and self-awareness
2 April, 2019Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases
4 April, 2019UK Neuromuscular Translational Research Conference 2019

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