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The UCL Neuroscience Domain brings together all UCL neuroscientists to make fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians, and to transform our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Events & Seminars

18 June, 2018ICN Seminar Series: Neurophysiological correlates of speech production and perception: is natural connected speech special?
18 June, 2018UCL Institute of Ophthalmology Imaging Series
19 June, 2018UCLP Centre for Neurorehabilitation: a call for speakers for the next Clinical Networking Event
21 June, 2018CDB Seminar Series - Professor Ben Simons
21 June, 2018SWC Seminar: Fronto-thalamic interactions in cognitive control and flexibility
22 June, 20182018 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
22 June, 2018Annual Post-Doc Science and Career Day
25 June, 2018ICN Seminar Series: "Linking mindreading and metacognition: The case of autism spectrum disorder"
25 June, 2018SWC Seminar: In vivo gene editing and genetic screening with CRISPR-Cas systems
26 June, 2018SWC Seminar: Dysregulation and restoration of neuronal circuit activities in Alzheimer models
27 June, 2018Inaugural Symposium: Darren Hargrave and Finbar O'Callaghan
27 June, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Optimising psychotropic medication for people with intellectual disability
28 June, 20186th Annual Queen Square Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Course
28 June, 2018IMN seminar – Professor Charlotte Stagg
28 June, 2018Leonard Wolfson Biomarkers Lab: Research Showcase
29 June, 2018Brain Meeting
29 June, 2018CDB Seminar Series - Dr Anna Franz
29 June, 2018Ear Institute External Seminar
2 July, 2018Childhood visual impairment and mental health: Science into practice
4 July, 2018Developmental Neurosciences Seminar Series
4 July, 2018IoN Seminar Series: Molecular functions of TDP-43 in ALS - Martina Hallegger
5 July, 2018CDB Seminar Series - Dr Vivian Li
5 July, 2018Queen Square Advances in Mitochondrial Medicine 2018
5 July, 2018UCL Small Molecule Dragons' Den Event
6 July, 2018Brain Meeting
6 July, 2018Ear Institute External Seminar: title TBC
9 July, 2018Leonard Wolfson PhD Showcase: 2014 intake
9 July, 2018Neurobiology of Speech-Language Disorders: Genetic and MRI Advances
10 July, 2018Queen Square Inaugural Lecture July 2018
10 July, 2018The Sixth Anita Harding Memorial Lecture and Inaugural Lecture
11 July, 2018The First Queen Square Multidisciplinary Neuro-oncology Course - 2017/18
11 July, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Professor John Gallacher, University of Oxford
12 July, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Using rodents and robots to help us improve movements after stroke
13 July, 2018Brain Meeting
17 July, 2018CRISPR seminar - Dr Bill Andrews
19 July, 2018CDB Seminar Series - Professor Benedikt Berninger
20 July, 2018Brain Meeting
9 August, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Title TBC
3 September, 2018Systems Biology: Making Sense of Complexity Symposium 3 & 4 September 2018
13 September, 2018Synaptopathies Seminar Series: Title TBC
13 September, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Motor control after stroke (exact title tba)
19 September, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry:Community Treatment Orders - why can't we accept the evidence
11 October, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Exploiting plasticity in brainstem systems for rehabilitation
16 October, 2018Evening Event: Representing the body: art, physiology and pathology collide
17 October, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: The computational anatomy of psychosis
8 November, 2018UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Seminar: Advances in evidence-based MS physical rehabilitation
19 December, 2018UCL Division of Psychiatry: Insight and self-awareness

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