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The research facilitation team provides support for: 

  • large research applications
  • fellowship applications
  • new academics applying for their first grants
  • academics applying to unfamiliar funding streams
  • PIs responding to reviewer's comments
  • setting up mock panel interviews
  • drafting UCL letters of support for grant applications

For feedback on draft applications, or to discuss funding opportunities for your research, you can book a session with us.

Please contact us with any other queries using the details below. 

Name & Contact Details


Sinéad Kennedy

Dr Sinéad Kennedy
Principal School Research Facilitator, BEAMS
Ext: 37774

Sinéad leads the UCL BEAMS research facilitation team and oversees the coordination and support of major funding bids. She joined UCL in 2012, from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), in Barcelona, and has over 10 years’ experience in research project management, funding, and science policy. She has a PhD in Surface Chemistry from the University of Reading.
Matthew Davis

Dr Matt Davis
School Research Facilitator, BEAMS
Ext: 28669

Within the BEAMS school, Matt works particularly with the Faculties of Engineering and Built Environment. Prior to joining UCL he worked for EPSRC in the Engineering and Research Infrastructure Programmes, where he looked after the areas of Built Environment and e-Science, respectively. Matt has a particular interest in group facilitation techniques to generate creative research ideas. A materials scientist by background, he has a PhD in electroceramics from EPFL in Switzerland. He joined UCL in June 2011.
Caterina Mora

Dr Cat Mora

School Research Facilitator, BEAMS
Ext: 37774

Cat joined UCL as Research Facilitator for the BEAMS School in 2011, working particularly with the MAPS Faculty. Previously, she worked for 3 years in science policy/administration at EPSRC (Mathematical Sciences and Public Engagement programmes). Cat studied theoretical physics in Trieste (Italy), did a PhD in quantum information theory (Innsbruck, Austria) and was a postdoc at the IQC (Waterloo, ON, Canada).

Dr Jennifer Hazelton
Strategic Research Facilitator (Environment Domain), OVPR
Ext: 54128

In 2015 Jen joined UCL as Strategic Research Facilitator for the Environment Domain. Previously she was a Research Coordinator in Newcastle University's Institute for Sustainability. She studied Geography and was awarded her PhD in social impacts and stakeholder dynamics of bioenergy projects in India and Uganda - both at Newcastle. She has also been Research Assistant for the Centre for Land Use and Water Resources Research and project manager for a multi-million euro European Aid Cooperation funded project. 

Dr Laura Fenner
School Research Facilitator, BEAMS
Ext: 30372

Laura joined the UCL Department of Chemistry in 2003, first as an undergraduate and later moving on to study for a PhD in magnetic frustration. In 2011 she became a member of UCL staff with a role preparing REF 2014 impact case studies for the MAPS Faculty. This was followed by a move back to Chemistry as their Research Administrator in December 2012. Laura is currently on secondment as a Research Facilitator, working particularly with the MAPS and Engineering faculties. 

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