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Case studies

Restructuring and extending DCPROGS, an established suite for the analysis of single ion channel data

Publication date:

OneMol Summer Workshop 2013

When the original developers of an important suite of research software retired, the Research Software Development Team were asked to contribute to the efforts being made to ensure that this code is updated and maintained for future generations of researchers.

Centre for Innovation expertise benefits tsunami modelling at UCL

Publication date:

Serge Guillas

Dr Serge Guillas from UCL’s Department of Statistical Science is researching uncertainties in models for geophysics. Via UCL’s membership of the Centre for Innovation (CfI), he has worked with GPU specialists in Oxford to greatly improve the performance of a tsunami simulation code. The team used the CfI GPU-based supercomputer, Emerald, to achieve its results.

HemeLB: vascular modelling and blood flow simulation

Publication date:

A 3D model of the vasculature of a mouse retina created by the HemeLB setup tool.

HemeLB is an open-source computational suite for fluid dynamics simulations of blood flow in the vasculature of the human body.

Using new computer architecture to help improve cancer treatments

Publication date:

The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) complexed with EGF


Professor Francesco Gervasio of UCL’s Department of Chemistry used the Emerald supercomputer (built in partnership with the Centre for Innovation) to simulate the effect of gene mutations linked to the spread of cancer. His research could help develop more robust and effective cancer treatments.

Observing the cataclysmic universe: a research data case study

Publication date:

European Extremely Large Telescope

Our research data service allows safe storage and access for large volumes of research data. It’s currently at a pilot stage. UCL astrophysicist Dr Dugan Witherick explains how the service will positively impact his work.

How UCL’s new research equipment catalogue service was developed

Publication date:

Equipment at the UCL space science lab

RITS' Research IT Applications team assisted the Office of the Vice-Provost (Research) in implementing a web-based catalogue of UCL’s major research equipment. The catalogue will support research grant applications, help maximise equipment usage and promote collaboration within UCL and beyond.

Crime scene DNA analysis: assessing the evidence

Publication date:


The Research Software Development Team (RSDT) assisted Professor David Balding of the UCL Genetics Institute with his forensic DNA analysis package, used to assess the weight of evidence from partial DNA samples.

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