Research IT Services



Clare Gryce

Clare Gryce - Director, Research IT Services


I have a BA in Natural Sciences and a MSc in Computer Science (UCL), with service management experience gained in a variety of commercial environments. I've led the establishment and evolution of UCL’s central research computing activity since it was founded in 2006.

Research Computing Applications and Support

Owain Kenway

Owain Kenway - Research Computing Applications and Support Team Leader


After completing my PhD studying ways to efficiently run molecular dynamics simulations on a distributed computational grid, I spent a brief period writing software for research before joining ISD. I regularly deliver our High Performance Computing course.

Brian Alston

Brian Alston - Research Computing Analyst


I've worked in UCL's central IT service for over 25 years, focusing on user account management and supporting academic applications software. I joined the Research Computing team a couple of years ago where I help staff the Helpdesk, support academic applications like R, Mathematica and Matlab and run software licence managers.

Ian Kirker

Ian Kirker - Research Computing Analyst


I joined the Research Computing team in 2012 after completing my PhD in computational chemistry (simulation of covalency and complexation in actinides) at UCL. I share responsibility for staffing the Research Computing helpdesk and also help deliver our High Performance Computing training.

Research IT Applications

Graham Hunt

Graham Hunt - Head of Research IT Applications and Services


I've been an IT professional for over 30 years with experience across a variety of sectors, including 19 years within Pharmaceutical R&D leading service delivery for applications used by over 10,000 scientists globally. I joined UCL in 2011 as Head of Research IT Applications.

Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper - Head of Applications (Research and Digital Education)


I will have been part of ISD for 20 years from September 2017, starting on the ‘trainee scheme’ and holding various roles across the department over the years. I have led the Moodle and Lecturecast application teams for about 9 years and recently took over the Research Apps team as part of the IT Service Delivery restructure.

Mauro Ballabio

Mauro Ballabio - Senior Research Applications Analyst Developer


For the past 2 years I've been involved in rewriting the IRIS web application in Java, having over 15 years of experience in Java development. My broad experience gives me a complete picture of the whole application, allowing me to design and develop software consistently.

Research Data Services

James Wilson

James Wilson - Head of Research Data Services


I joined UCL in 2016 having previously worked for many years in research IT at the University of Oxford. My academic background is in the humanities, making me a little unusual in the RITS team. Moving into the digital humanities after completing my doctorate, I have since led several software and service development projects and been involved in research data management planning and support since 2010.

Daniel Hanlon

Daniel Hanlon - Research Data Storage Architect


I'm a software engineer and medical doctor, with experience in cross-disciplinary environments and a rare combination of technical skills developed during 8 years designing and implementing computational tools and frameworks to facilitate the work of experimental scientists. After 7 years at STFC e-Science, I joined UCL in 2011.

Alastair Smith

Alastair Smith - Research Data Storage Engineer


My job requires a jack of all trades approach to get our high end data storage system up and running and help our users to find the best way of using it. I'm generally interested in learning about and generating solutions involving cutting edge technology.

Research Software Development

James Hetherington

James Hetherington - Head of Research Software Development


I am a research software developer, combining the skills and experience of a computational scientist with those of a professional software engineer. I work with researchers to produce maintainable, usable, well-tested research software.

Raquel Alegre

Raquel Alegre - Research Software Developer


I have been working as a Software Engineer for several years in both industry and academia in projects related to satellite remote sensing and visualisation of geospatial data. I have an MSc in Computer Engineering and further studies in Space Science and Technology.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper - Research Software Developer


I am a research software developer with 12 years' experience as a researcher in computational biology at the University of Oxford. My work has included high performance simulation of cardiac electrophysiology, tool support for models defined using XML-based standards, and web interfaces for model analysis and comparison.

Ilektra Christidi

Ilektra Christidi - Research Software Developer


I am a particle physicist by calling, having worked on the ATLAS experiment of CERN’s LHC for 5 years. My research focused on background processes to Higgs searches, as well as developing and improving Data Quality Monitoring and detector trigger packages. Immediately before joining the RSDG, I was working in industry as a software engineer for the gas and oil sector, in geophysical exploration data processing.

David Perez-Suarez

David Pérez-Suárez - Research Software Developer


I've been part of this amazing team since 2016. Before that I was a researcher in Solar Physics and Space Weather at various institutions around the world. I have always been a big advocate of open science (involving open access, open data and open source software) which have taken me to be part of SunPy, an open source project for solar physics; Software Carpentry, a community for teaching good practices in research software development; and Sunspotter a citizen science project.

Roland Guichard

Roland Guichard -Research Software Developer


In 2007, I graduated my PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics in the field of ultrafast laser-matter interaction. In following, I have joined several European research groups in that area. In 2014, I worked at UCL on a project involving the computation of spin quits embedded in semiconductor environments. I made a 2-years detour in the transport industry, working on large-scale road traffic simulations and human-machine interaction for driverless cars and finally joined RSDG in August 2017.

Research IT Facilitation

Jo Lampard

Jo Lampard - Senior Research IT Services Facilitator


I'm responsible for providing advisory, outreach and engagement services across all of RITS, and for coordinating related user training programmes. I have a chemistry and crystallography background with many years of experience supporting national IT services.

Tom Couch

Tom Couch - Research IT Services Facilitator


I have a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and have previously worked for a radiation protection service. One of the things I really like about being a facilitator is being able to talk to researchers about their work.