Dynamics of Civilisation

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Impression of a jade seal designed by Professor Wang Mingming for CREDOC, containing the Chinese characters Xue (interpretation) and Wenming (civilisation).

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Watch the video for ‘Antiquity’ and the dynamics of civilization: Part One

Watch the video for ‘Antiquity’ and the dynamics of civilization: Part Two

Watch the video for Civilisation and its Critiques: An Art-Historical Perspective

Arendt and the Ancients (supported by CREDOC)

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Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September 2015

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Location: Gordon House 106

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Research into the dynamics of civilisation

  • incorporates both temporal and spatial scale (negotiating geographies, materials, peoples, and infrastructures spread over long periods and distances)
  • offers intellectual complexity (providing a wide open space for cross-disciplinary thinking: an opportunity to engage with big questions of origins, development, environment, history, culture, science, technology and sustainability, responses to which cannot be easily polarised between the humanities and the sciences)
  • and embraces controversy (because ‘civilisation’ is a problematic concept that requires reflexive thinking and radical responses to the oppositions with which it has been associated, whether West/East, primitive/civilised, or ancient/modern).

Many civilisational research projects are being conducted at UCL. CREDOC is focusing its activity particularly on four regions and three sets of cross-regional questions.

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