Dynamics of Civilisation

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Impression of a jade seal designed by Professor Wang Mingming for CREDOC, containing the Chinese characters Xue (interpretation) and Wenming (civilisation).

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The Clash of Civilisations and Ignorance


Date: Friday 27 May 2016
Location: Cruciform B404 Lecture Theatre 2, followed by a wine reception in the Cruciform Seminar Room 1
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Baltic-Nordic Regionalism


Date: 10 June 2016
Location: Common Ground Space, Wilkins Building, South Wing
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Civilisation in Time and Space


Date: 1 and 2 July 2016
Location: Common Ground Space, Wilkins Building, South Wing
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Food, Drink and Civilization: International Conference


Date: 21-22 September 2016
Location: TBA
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Could Modern Civilization Collapse?

A multidisciplinary approach from Archaeology, Climatology and History on Climate Change and the possible Collapse of Civilization


Date: December 2016
Location: TBD
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Let us know your interest in civilisational issues. Send us details of your relevant research projects or proposals to put on our website. On IRIS you can associate the ‘Dynamics of Civilisation’ research theme with your own research profile. Any feedback on the Centre and our website would also be very welcome.

Suggest events

We will fund some large-scale public lectures, round-table discussions of provocative issues, workshops and other activities associated with research on the dynamics of civilisation. Send in your suggestions for any of these. We are looking especially for speakers and themes that address our key questions, engage with one or more of our key regions, provoke debate, and excite interest among researchers from across disciplines, regions and periods.

Apply for a grant

In the coming months, we will advertise a call for applications for grants to support , for example, the initiation or development of civilisational projects, a short residency at UCL for an external researcher, travel or archival visits.

Announce activities

Use our website to announce relevant events happening either within or outside UCL or to draw the attention of researchers to important news items.


Contact us about any ‘civilisation’ events you are running

All our events are open to professionals and the public

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