Dynamics of Civilisation

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Impression of a jade seal designed by Professor Wang Mingming for CREDOC, containing the Chinese characters Xue (interpretation) and Wenming (civilisation).

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African Perspectives on Empathy, Reparative Humanism and Recognition: Decolonizing the Discourse on Victim/Perpetrator Dynamics

african perspectives on empathy-small

Lecture 13 November 6-8pm. Further details.

Narrative of Desire: The Politics of Exhibiting Culture and Displaying African Art

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Lecture 23 November 6-8pm. Further details.

Muslim Responses to Westernization 

retreat from the secular path - small

Lecture 7 December 6-8pm: Retreat from the secular path 

Panel discussion 8 December 5-7pm: Living in non-Islamic societies

Further details.

Watch the video for Civilisations and their Mobilisation Today: Western Civilisation:

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