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PhD Studentship: Sea Ice Dynamics

Title: The consolidation and deformation of brash ice

When ships pass through icy waters, if a channel is repeatedly used, this channel can fill with broken ice known as brash ice. If this brash ice is allowed to refreeze, its physical properties can be rather different from the original sea ice. This complicates shipping around ports in the Arctic.

The physical properties of this brash ice depend on the deformation of the original sea ice cover, and the extent to which it refreezes. A full understanding of the process therefore needs to include the fracture mechanics of deformation, and in particular the range of ice particle sizes which are likely to form; the mechanics and thermodynamics of ice-ice interactions, as the brash ice is displaced around the channel; and the thermal and saline balances which govern the reconsolidation of the ice.

The successful applicant will be trained in numerical modelling, experimental ice mechanics, and Arctic field work. Total will provide the industrial context for the work. The applicant will join a thriving group with broad interests in ice mechanics and risk reduction.

Primary supervisor: Prof. Peter Sammonds (UCL IRDR)

Secondary supervisor: Dr. Ben Lishman (UCL IRDR)

Industrial supervisor: Prof. Kaj Riska (Total)

Candidates should have a good undergraduate degree in engineering, earth sciences, physics, geophysics, or an equivalent numerate discipline. Laboratory experience and/or programming experience is particularly encouraged. The project is jointly funded by Total and UCL Impact. The funding is only available to UK and EU students. UCL is committed to equal opportunities for all and we welcome applications from underrepresented groups.

The project is funded for 3 years, with a preferred start date of 1st April, and carries an annual stipend of £17,000. For any informal queries, please contact Prof. Sammonds or Dr. Lishman.

Application deadline: Friday 28th February

How to apply:

Please make an online application here. You should apply for RRDEARSING01 Research Degree: Earth Sciences Full-time 2013/14, and make sure that you list the name of the project, the supervisor - Prof. Peter Sammonds, and that it is an IRDR studentship (NB: This studentship is classified as Earth Sciences for administrative purposes, but is in the IRDR rather than earth sciences). Please send a copy of your application to Prof. Peter Sammonds once you have submitted it on this system.