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Phone: 02031081101

Ext: 51101

Office location: Rm 38, 2nd floor, South Wing, UCL Main Quadrangle

Research Fellow: Dr Ben Lishman

Research fellow

Address: UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Phone No: 020 3108 1104
Extension: 51104

Research Interests

I'm interested broadly in risk in the Arctic, and more specifically in how we can apply laboratory research to improve our interpretation of Arctic risk. I run laboratory and ice tank experimental programmes to model sea ice properties. I then run discrete element models of sea ice ensembles, and test the sensitivity of these DEMs to changes in how we model sea ice. I also work on the Cryo-egg project, developing new subglacial sensors, with Bristol University, and I work on models of high speed ice friction for the UK Skeleton team.

Teaching Interests

I teach on GEOL3030, Field Methods in Active Tectonics. For the course, third year undergraduates learn how to use magnetic surveying, ground penetrating radar, gravity surveying and seismics, along with a broader understanding of the forces which shape the earth, to produce new data and analysis on the earthquake hazard in central Italy. I've previously taught undergraduate maths, programming, electronics, and communications and control theory.


Research Publications

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