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PhD Students

Amy Chadderton Amy Chadderton High temperature pressurisation, fracturing and permeability in volcanic systems
M Vanderpuye Melodie Vanderpuye Investigating spatio-temporal randomness of large earthquakes
Serena Tagliacozzo Serena Tagliacozzo Social Media in disasters
Zoe Watson Zoë Mildon Geography of earthquake recurrence on active faults 
Katerina Katerina Stavrianaki Complexity of seismicity in a statistical physics view: From fracture to earth's scale.
Gillian Dacey Gillian Dacey Self-protective behaviour during earthquake shaking: A comparative study of the effect of earthquake preparedness advice on human behaviour and the subsequent impact on survivability.
bayes2 Bayes Ahmed
Community Vulnerability to Landslides in the Chittagong Hill Districts of Bangladesh
Nurmalahayati Nurdin Nurmalahayati Nurdin
Integrating disaster risk reduction concept into senior high school curriculum in Indonesia.
Danielle Charlton Danielle Charlton The threat of volcanic activity to major urban centres.
Gianluca Pescaroli Gianluca Pescaroli  The Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure in Cascading Disasters – Contingency Planning for a Major Disruption of Air Transportation in London
Alexandra Tsioulou Alexandra Tsioulou Validation of simulated ground motions for catastrophe risk engineering
S Scourfield Sally Scourfield The consolidation and deformation of brash ice
O Ortiz Omar Velazquez Engineering Applications of Earthquake Early Warning Systems
Justine U Justine Uyimleshi Strategies for emergency preparedness and response to man-made disasters in Nigeria
Rebekah Yore Rebekah Yore The role of immediate disaster response in the transitional phase to recovery
J Hess Janto Hess Financing adaptation in Small Island Developing States: Investigating tourism related adaptation funds
T Tabassum Tasnuva Tabassum  Assessing seismic hazards by using generalized linear modelling for Gumbel-distributed data: From a Bayesian perspective
E Agbo Emmanuel Agbo  Disaster Mitigation and Emergency Response: A case of flood vulnerability in Nigeria
Rory Walshe Rory Walshe Ground-truthing the assumptions of climate change impacts on small island states by cross-referencing multiple methods
N Harwood Nathanael Harwood  A rise in the frequency of extreme weather in response to Arctic Amplification and its implications for European decision-making 
K Muffarraji Khuloud M Al Mufarraji  Effective risk and crisis communication for better community resilience.
M Shortt Mark Shortt Risks to Arctic offshore operations: Consolidation and strength of thick sea ice features
Rhea Leung Rhea Leung Mitigation and disaster preparedness measures enacted in remote mountainous areas affected by earthquake-triggered geohazards
  Patrizia Duda  

IRDR PhD Alumni:

Andria Sarri Completion date: Jan 2015 Statistical emulation of tsunami models for more efficient uncertainty and sensitivity analyses
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor Completion date: April 2015 A non-extensive statistical physics approach in earthquake geophysics
George Michas Completion date: Dec 2015 Generalised statistical mechanics description of fault and earthquake populations in Corinth Rift (Greece)
George Papadakis Completion date: Dec 2015 A non-extensive statistical physics analysis of seismic sequences: Application to the geodynamic system of the Hellenic subduction zone.
Luke Wedmore  Completion date: Dec 2016 Assessing seismic hazard in central Italy from rates of slip and earthquake recurrence through geophysical and geodetic measurements