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UN Guidelines Issued on Disaster Risk Assessment

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Un guidelines Issued on Disaster Risk Assessment

The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) has issued a major new set of guidelines on National Disaster Risk Assessment: Governance System, Methodologies, and Use of Results. Gianluca Pescaroli and David Alexander of the UCL-IRDR Cascading Disasters Research Group authored a section entitled "An introduction to cascading risk and cascading disasters" (pp. 25-31). Their work is referred to in other parts of this report, as cascading risks and impacts are an important cross-cutting issue in disaster reduction. The report can be dowloaded from the UNISDR website at

Increasing Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones: Leh Workshop

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Leh  workshop image

A joint workshop between UCL IRDR and University of Jammu Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT) was held in Leh, India between 9-11 July 2017. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers, students, and the interested public discussed field activities, prominent challenges, and resilience strategies at local, regional and international levels. Stakeholders and academics from the district, state, and the wider Hindu Kush Himalaya region represented the knowledge and perspectives of the resident populations. The workshop successfully created a dialogue around building resilience in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region as well as highlighted avenues for further collaboration and action. Greater detail around the topics discussed is included in the workshop report.

David Alexander's Article has been reported as Most Popular by Development Editor for Oxford University Press New York

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Natural Hazard Science

Lee Oglesby, Development Editor for Oxford University Press New York, reports that Professor David Alexander's article on "Disaster and Emergency Planning for Preparedness, Response and Recovery" in the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Natural Hazard Science has been downloaded almost 12,500 times over the last year. It is thus one of the most popular entries in this widely-read, on-line resource. Professor Alexander has another entry that is about to appear in the same volume, this time on "Corruption and the Governance of Natural Disaster Risk." The disaster planning article is freely available in html and pdf formats at:http://naturalhazardscience.oxfordre.com/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780199389407.001.0001/acrefore-9780199389407-e-12?rskey=gyStoh&result=2

IAHR editor's choice Articles 2017 - "Implications of cascading effects for the EU Floods Directive"

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York Floods

The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) selected a paper by the UCL IRDR research group on Cascading Disasters among the Editor's choice of 2017. The work  is titled  "Implications of cascading effects for the EU Floods Directive" has been included among the representatives of high-quality research published in the International Journal of River Basin Management in the last year. 

NEW Guidelines publication "Cascading Effects and Escalations in Wide-Area Power Failures- A Summary for Emergency Planners"

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London at night

Our research group on Cascading Disasters (www.ucl.ac.uk/rdr/cascading) together with London Resilience (www.londonprepared.gov.uk) have released the new guidelines "Cascading Effects and Escalations in Wide-Area Power Failures- A Summary for Emergency Planners".  

Conference on "International Co-operation and Exchange of Data and Information During Transnational Crises"

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Wilton Park Conference

David Alexander and Patty Kostkova

On 6-8 September 2017, UCL and UCL IRDR co-sponsored a conference run by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) at Wilton Park, a retreat operated by the Foreign Office of the UK Government. Wilton Park is home to gatherings of experts who debate the leading issues of the day and offer learned support to the formulators of Government policy in the UK. The September meeting was

Dealing with Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones: Insights from Turtuk, India

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The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region provides basic livelihoods to a population of around 210 million, and the river basins provide water to around a fifth of the world’s population.

One Research Associate Position in Risk and Disaster Reduction

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We are recruiting one research associate in risk and disaster reduction. The deadline for the position is 27 September, 2017. For full job description and further details, please follow the link below:

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