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Office location: Rm 38, 2nd floor, South Wing, UCL Main Quadrangle


The IRDR maintains a high-profile media strategy, providing both immediate comment during disasters and features for documentaries.
Appearances have included:
L’Aquila trial, 2012 (BBC News)
Tsunami risks in Japan, 2012 (Monocle 24 Radio)
Earthquake-resistant buildings, for RIBA, 2011 (NBS Learning Channel)
Comment on Icelandic volcanism, 2011 (Sky News)
Extensive comment on the 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami (CNN, BBC World TV,  Sky News, BBC Radio 5 Live, LBC, BBC Newsnight)

IRDR Media

Iff you are interested in the expertise and events in the IRDR, please see our staff profile pages for individual staff expertise, our research pages for more information about the overall research and expertise within the IRDR, and our events listings.

Media Contacts for the IRDR

If you are from the media and wish to contact the IRDR to find someone to comment on or discuss any aspect of risk and disaster reduction, please contact the UCL Press office in the first instance: