UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction



lRDR post-graduate programmes are based on core taught institute, programme and skills modules. These vary between programmes so please check the individual programme information to find out which modules comprise the different programmes.

IRDR Core Taught Modules:

These modules are compulsory for all our Masters programmes:

IRDR0015 - Integrating Science into Risk and Disaster Reduction
IRDR0003 - Emergency and Crisis Management

IRDR Taught Skills Modules:

Taught skills modules available in all our programmes (see individual masters programme pages to find out which are compulsory / optional):

IRDR0004 - Data Analysis and Interpretation for Risk and Disaster Reduction
IRDR0005 - Research Appraisal and Proposal

Further IRDR Taught Modules:

These module are compulsory or optional for different masters programmes:

IRDR0001 - Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Vulnerability
IRDR0002 - Emergency and Crisis Planning
IRDR0006 - Conflict, Humanitarianism and Disaster Risk Reduction
IRDR0007 - The Variable Sun: Space Weather and You
IRDR0008 - Catastrophe Risk Modelling
IRDR0009 - Digital Health: Epidemics and Emergencies in the Era of Big Data
IRDR0010 - Risk Analysis For Disaster Science

Additional Modules

These courses are taught in partner departments:
*Please note the availability of particular optional modules can vary and cannot be guaranteed*

Risk, Power and Uncertainty
Disaster Risk Reduction in Cities
Post Disaster Recovery: Policies, Practices and Alternatives
Adapting Cities to Climate Change in the Global South
Seismic Risk Assessment
Climate Risks to Hydro-ecological Systems
Principles and Practice of Remote Sensing
Global Monitoring and Security
Perspectives on Terrorism
Risk and Contingency Planning
Space Instrumentation and Applications
Space Based Communication Systems
Spacecraft Design Electronic Sub-systems
Mechanical Design of Spacecraft
Space Science, Environment and Satellite Missions
Space Systems Engineering
Decision and Risk Statistics