UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction

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Email: irdr-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 02031081101

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Office location: Rm 38, 2nd floor, South Wing, UCL Main Quadrangle

IRDR funding

The UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) research fellowship and studentship programme is designed to pump prime research in the Institute and to foster new and innovative collaborations within UCL and between UCL and external partners. This will be a rolling programme as funds become available to the IRDR.

IRDR research fellowships

Two new IRDR research fellows were appointed in 2012. The IRDR funding call for research fellowships is now closed. However, we encourage IRDR members apply to research councils and other funding bodies for projects linked to risk and disaster reduction, for example the NERC theme on natural hazards, and to discuss their proposals with the IRDR. Please contact Rosanna Smith (rosanna.smith@ucl.ac.uk) to discuss how IRDR could support your applications.

IRDR research studentships

The IRDR is one of the partners in the London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership, whose 2014 call for applications closed on 17th February 2014. Please see the IRDR PhD studentships page for more details on the London NERC DTP, which will have annual calls for applications, and details about individual funded PhD projects in the IRDR.

We are also keen to hear from IRDR members who are interested in pursuing CASE awards through the IRDR or partial funding for interdisciplinary PhDs. Please contact Rosanna Smith (rosanna.smith@ucl.ac.uk) for more information and complete a proposal form if you are seeking funding. Proposals must demonstrate the relevance of the proposed research to IRDR research themes and to national and international developments in the field of risk and disaster reduction. 


Proposals should fill no more than three pages at 10 point font or larger.

There is no specific deadline for submission and proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Further details can be obtained from Rosanna Smith (rosanna.smith@ucl.ac.uk)

The IRDR has a small allocation for travel funds, principally for fieldwork, for seed-corn funding for small projects and for supporting academic visitors. We also have some funds available for projects, particularly student and public engagement projects. Funding will usually be awarded on a 50/50 basis. Priority will be given to IRDR research fellows and research students.

Applications will only be accepted from IRDR members.

IRDR Travel funds

We will consider applications from travel related to risk and disaster research from any IRDR members. As part of the funding agreement, we may ask that you write an IRDR blog post about your funded travel.

Limit: £1,000

IRDR Project and Equipment funds

We will consider applications for projects and equipment that will enhance risk and disaster reduction research at UCL.

Limit: £1,000

IRDR Visitor funds

We host excellent academic visitors, providing infrastructure and logistical support during their stay. There is also a small amount of funding available for visitors.

Limit: £500

 Please send completed application forms to irdr-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk with the subject, "IRDR funding application"