UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction


Past Event: IRDR Student Forum

Start: Jan 22, 2014 02:00 PM
End: Jan 22, 2014 04:00 PM

Location: 1.20 Malet Place Engineering Building

Convenor: Dr. Mohammad Shamsudduha (“Shams”)

The Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction will hold a Student Forum at the main campus of UCL on 22nd January 2014. In the forum the current doctoral students at IRDR will briefly present their research topics. This event is an opportunity for the doctoral students of IRDR to showcase their research work to the institute as well as to a wider circle within UCL. Current MRes and MSc students of IRDR will also have an inspiring opportunity to see what type of research in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction is conducted at IRDR. Thesis supervisors, IRDR academic and research staff, current MRes and MSc students and any interested associates of IRDR are invited to attend.

The student talks will be followed by a seminar on academic publishing by Professor David Alexander, a long-standing editor of journals in the fields of risk, disasters, and resilience, and a reception in the Rock Room (South Wing 1st floor).

Names of IRDR’s doctoral students, their thesis titles, and supervisory committee are provided below.

IRDR Student Forum Presentations:

Name: Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Thesis title: A non-extensive statistical physics approach in earthquake geophysics, Supervisory committee: Filippos Vallianatos (Primary), Peter Sammonds, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni

Name: Amy Chadderton, Thesis title: High temperature pressurisation, fracturing and permeability in volcanic systems, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary), Rosanna Smith, Phil Meredith, Hugh Tuffen

Name: Andria Sarri, Thesis title: Statistical emulation of tsunami models for more efficient uncertainty and sensitivity analyses, Supervisory committee: Serge Guillas (Primary), Simon Day, Frederic Dias

Name: Bayes Ahmed, Thesis title: Understanding the Human Adaptation to Landslide Risks in Bangladesh, Supervisory committee: David Alexander (Primary)

Name: Georgios Papadakis, Thesis title: A non-extensive statistical physics approach to the seismicity in subduction zones: application to the geodynamic system of the Hellenic Arc, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary), Filippos Vallianatos

Name: Georgios Michas, Thesis title: Self organized criticality and non-extensivity in the Corinth Rift Zone, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary), Filippos Vallianatos, Gerald Roberts

Name: Gillian Dacey, Thesis title: Actions during the shaking phase of an earthquake: A study of the effect of earthquake awareness programmes on human actions and subsequent impact on survivability, Supervisory committee: David Alexander (Primary)

Name: Katerina Stavrianaki, Thesis title: Complexity of seismicity in a statistical physics view: from fracture to earth's scale, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary)

Name: Luke Wedmore, Thesis title: Assessing seismic hazard in central Italy from rates of slip and earthquake recurrence through geophysical and geodetic measurements, Supervisory committee: Joanna Faure Walker (Primary), Gerald Roberts, Ken McCaffrey, and Peter Sammonds

Name: Melodie Vanderpuye, Thesis title: Investigating spatio-temporal randomness of large earthquakes, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary)

Name: Regis Garandeau, Thesis title: Environmental impacts and risks to natural resources from mega-dams in the Amazon basin: the proposed Cachuela Esperanza dam, northeast Bolivia, Supervisory committee: Stephen Edwards (Primary), Mark Maslin

Name: Serena Tagliacozzo, Thesis title: Investigating the requirements for a web 2.0 platform able to support communication between authorities and citizens in the disaster recovery phase, Supervisory committee: David Alexander (Primary)

Name: Stanislav Pavlov, Thesis title: Risk to Arctic offshore operations: structure, formation and strength of freeze bonds in sea ice, Supervisory committee: Peter Sammonds (Primary), Knut Høyland, Daniel Feltham and Eleanor Bailey

Name: Zoe Watson, Thesis title: The link between earthquake recurrence and structural geology: the role of slip-rates, elapsed time and stress transfer, Supervisory committee: Gerald Roberts (Primary), Joanna Faure Walker, Peter Sammonds

IRDR Student Forum
Locations: The event will take place in 1.20 Malet Place Engineering, (1st floor, blue circle)