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UCL IRDR Seminar Series 2013-2014

13 March 2014

Date/Time/Location Speaker/Title
Thursday 17th October; 4-5pm, 1-19 Torrington, 115 Galton LT
Aleksey Marchenko (University of Svalbard); Effect of icebergs drift on offshore installations and ice management in the Barents Sea.
Wednesday 13th November; 4-5pm, Roberts Rm 421
Sarah Gordon (Anglo American). Mining: A Risky Business?
Wednesday 11th December; 4-5pm, Roberts Rm 422 
Edward Borodzicz, Professor of Risk and Crisis Management at Portsmouth University; Christmas Special, Learning from Success.
Wednesday 18th December; 1-2pm, Garwood LT, South Wing 1st floor
Nataly Marchenko (The University Centre in Svalbard), Arctic Shipping Challenges and Ice Induced Accidents
Wednesday 22nd January; 4-5pm, Room 1.20 Malet Place Engineering Building David Alexander (IRDR); Inside Academic Publishing and How it is Changing - Reflections on 29 Years as a Journal Editor
Wednesday 26th February; 4-5pm, 1-19 Torrington, 115 Galton LT 
Peter Baxter, Cambridge University; Volcanoes: recent trends in human volcanic risk
Wednesday 19th March; 4-5pm, 1-19 Torrington, 115 Galton LT 
Adriana Allen (UCL DPU); In the name of risk? Mapping risk production, reproduction and contestation in the urban Global South
Wednesday 30th April; 4-5pm, 1-19 Torrington, 115 Galton LT  
Virginia Murray, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at Health Protection England; The road to HFA2- can science impact on policy and practice?