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Measuring Best Practice in Facilities Addressing Complex Mental Health Issues

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Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the QuIRC. We have developed a new website (quirc.eu/quirc) which we hope will provide users with an improved experience, but the assessment itself will stay the same. We will be closing this website and switching over to the new site on Monday 2nd July 2018. Please note, after this date you will no longer be able to use this site, the progress on any incomplete assessments will be lost and you will no longer be able to access reports for previously completed assessments. So, if you haven't already done so and would like a copy of your report, then please download them from your account before the switch date.

QuIRC Home

Welcome to the QuIRC website. The QuIRC (Quality Indicator for Rehabilitative Care) is the first internationally agreed tool to assess quality of care for people with longer term mental health problems in psychiatric and social care facilities. Following completion, a facility's QuIRC ratings are provided across seven areas of care (built environment; therapeutic environment; treatments and interventions; self-management and autonomy; social interface; human rights; Recovery-orientated practice) which are then compared to ratings of similar facilities within your country.

The QuIRC was developed through a three-year pan-European study funded by the European Commission. More information about the study can be found here.

If you are a manager or senior member of staff of a psychiatric or social care facility for individuals with longer term mental health problems and would like an assessment of the quality of care provided in your facility, register here. You will first be asked to complete a number of questions about your facility to check that the QuIRC is the right tool for you. If so, you will receive log-in details to proceed to the assessment.