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Joe Smith


Project Student

email: j.smith@ee.ucl.ac.uk


Research Interests

In my bachelor's thesis, I developed two biodegradable nanowire candidates for use in neuroregenerative medicine under Prof Richard Jackman in the LCN. We observed an order of magnitude increase in conductivity decorating polyaniline nanofibres with graphene oxide flakes 1.  I won a poster prize for this at IQSD School in Helsinki and was selected as a finalist for the SET Awards 2013.

Last summer, twelve weeks were spent with the Gaseous Detector Development group at CERN. We collaborated with UCL to incorporate a graphene layer in a new gaseous detector. 

Recent interest has been in quantum information. I have worked with members of QSD to study selenium dopants in silicon designing a goniometer for CW-EPR and also built a module to control the lasing frequency of a laser to excite different donor bound exciton transitions. 

Interesting Fact

I grew up on the Isle of Wight and love the seaside. I have been a pesco-vegetarian all my life.

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