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Dr Richard George


Postdoctoral Researcher

int: 30576

ext: +44 (0) 207 679 0576 
email: r.e.george @UCL
office: 2P2


Research Interests

Spin-dependent properties of nanotubes.

Interesting fact


  • Probing the C60 triplet state coupling to nuclear spins inside and out
    V Filidou, S Mamone, S. Simmons, SD Karlen, HL Anderson, CWM Kay, A Bagno, F Rastrelli, Y Murata, K Komatsu, X Lei, Y Li, NJ Turro, MH Levitt, JJL Morton Phil Trans Roy Soc A in press (2013)
  • Rabi oscillations and ESEEM of the photoexcited triplet spin system in silicon
    W Akhtar, T Sekiguchi, T Itahashi, V Filidou, JJL Morton, L Vlasenko, KM Itoh Phys Rev B 86 115206 (2012)
  • First-principles investigation of hyperfine interactions for spin entanglement in photo-excited fullerenes
    V Filidou, D Ceresoli, JJL Morton and F Giustino Phys Rev B 85 115430 (2012)
  • Ultrafast entangling gates between nuclear spins using photo-excited triplet states
    V Filidou, S Simmons, SD Karlen, F Giustino, HL Anderson and JJL Morton Nature Physics 8 596 (2012) [+SOI]
  • Coherent storage of photoexcited triplet states using 29Si nuclear spins in silicon
    W Akhtar, V Filidou, T Sekiguchi, E Kawakami, T Itahashi, L Vlasenko, JJL Morton, KM Itoh Phys Rev Lett 108 097601 (2012)
  • Entangling remote nuclear spins linked by a chromophore
    M Schaffry, V Filidou, SD Karlen, EM Gauger, SC Benjamin, HL Anderson, A Ardavan, GAD Briggs, K Maeda, KB Henbest, F Giustino, JJL Morton, BW Lovett Phys Rev Lett 104 200501 (2010)

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