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Dr Cheuk Chi Lo 


Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Research Fellow

ext: 39948
email: cheuk.lo @UCL
office: 5P3

flag-canada.gifhong kong

Research Interests

My research interests include studying spin-dependent transport phenomena in semiconductor devices, nano-scale semiconductor device fabrication and device physics, spin-based quantum information processing, and applications of electron paramagnetic resonance and electrically detected magnetic resonance to semiconductor devices. 

Interesting fact

I have not heard of Bob Marley until I joined QSD...


Spin-dependent transport in silicon

  • Suppression of microwave rectification effects in electrically detected magnetic resonance measurements , C.C. Lo, F. Bradbury, A.M. Tyryshkin, C.D. Weis, J. Bokor, T. Schenkel and S.A. Lyon, Applied Physics Letters, 100(6), 063510 (2012)
  • Electrically detected magnetic resonance of neutral donors interacting with a two-dimensional electron gas, C.C. Lo, V. Lang, R.E. George, J.J.L. Morton, A.M. Tyryshkin, S.A. Lyon, J. Bokor and T. Schenkel, Physical Review Letters, 106, 207601 (2011) 
  • Spin-dependent scattering in a silicon transistor, R. de Sousa, C.C. Lo and J. Bokor, Physical Review B, 80 (4), 045320 (2009) 
  • Spin-dependent scattering off neutral antimony donors in 28-Si field-effect transistors, C.C. Lo, J. Bokor, T. Schenkel, J. He, A.M. Tyrhsykin and S.A. Lyon, Applied Physics Letters, 91 (24), 242106 (2007) 

Silicon nanoelectronics and quantum computation

  • All-electrical nuclear spin polarization of donors in silicon, C.C. Lo, C.D. Weis, J. van Tol, J. Bokor and T. Schenkel, Physical Review Letters, 110(5), 057601 (2013)
  • Electrical activation and electron spin resonance measurements of implanted bismuth in isotopically enriched silicon-28 , C.D. Weis, C.C. Lo, V. Lang, A.M. Tyryshkin, R.E. George, K.M. Yu, J. Bokor, S.A. Lyon, J.J.L. Morton and T. Schenkel, Applied Physics Letters, 100, 172104 (2012) 
  • Device fabrication and transport measurements of FinFETs built with 28-Si SOI wafers towards donor qubits in silicon, C.C. Lo, A. Persaud, S. Dhuey, D. Olynick, F. Borondics, M. C. Martin, H. A. Bechtel, J. Bokor and T. Schenkel, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 24, 105022 (2009) 
  • Critical issues in the formation of quantum computer test structures by ion implantation, T. Schenkel, C.C. Lo, C. D. Weis, A. Schuh, A. Persaud and J. Bokor, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, 267 (8-9), 2563 (2009)  
  • Mapping of ion beam induced current changes in FinFETs, C. D. Weis, A. Schuh, A. Batra, A. Persaud, I. W. Rangelow, J. Bokor, C.C. Lo, S. Cabrini, D. Olynick, S. Duhey and T. Schenkel, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B (IBMM 2008 conference proceedings), 267 (8-9), 1222 (2009) 
  • Single atom doping for quantum device development in diamond and silicon, C.D Weis, A. Schuh, A. Batra, A. Persaud, I.W. Rangelow, J. Bokor, C.C. Lo, S. Cabrini, E. Sideras-Haddad, G.D. Fuchs, R. Hanson, D.D. Awschalom and T. Schenkel, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 26 (6), 2596 (2008). 
  • Detection of low energy single ion impacts in micron scale transistors at room temperature, A. Batra, C.D. Weis, J. Reijonen, A. Persaud, T. Schenkel, S. Cabrini, C.C. Lo and J. Bokor, Applied Physics Letters, 91 (19), 193502 (2008) 
  • Strategies for integration of donor electron spin qubits in silicon, T. Schenkel, J.A. Liddle, J. Bokor, A. Persaud, S.J. Park, J. Shangkuan, C.C. Lo, S. Kwon, S.A. Lyon, A.M. Tyryshkin, I.W. Rangelow, Y. Sarov, D.H. Schneider, J. Ager and R. de Sousa, Microelectronics Engineering, 83 (4-9), 1814 (2006)

Carbon nanoelectronics

  • Short-channel transistors constructed with soluction-processed Carbon nanotubes, S.J. Choi, P. Bennett, K. Takei, C. Wang, C.C. Lo, A. Javey, and J. Bokor, ACS Nano, 7 (1), 798 2013
  • Comparative study of solution-processed carbon nanotube network transistors, S.J. Choi, C. Wang, C.C. Lo, P. Bennett, A. Javey and J. Bokor, Applied Physics Letters, 101 (11), 112104 (2012) 
  • Quasimetallic behavior of carrier-polarized C-60 molecular layers: Experiment and theory, Z.H. Lu, C.C. Lo, C. J. Huang, Y. Y. Yuan, M.W.C. Dharma-Wardana and M. Z. Zgierski, Physical Review B, 72 (159), 155440 (2005) 

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