Recent publications

Controlling spin relaxation with a cavity A Bienfait et al. Nature 531 74 (2016)

Nuclear spin decoherence of neutral 31P donors in silicon: Effect of 29Si nuclei ES Petersen et al. Phys Rev B 93 161202(R) (2016)

A silicon-based surface code quantum computer J O'Gorman et al. NPJ Quantum Info 2 15019 (2016)

29Si nuclear spins as a resource for donor spin qubits in silicon G Wolfowicz et al. New J Phys 18 023021 (2016)

Reaching the quantum limit of sensitivity in electron spin resonance A Bienfait et al. Nature Nanotechnology 11 253 (2015)

Charge dynamics and spin blockade in a hybrid double quantum dot in silicon M Urdampilleta et al. Phys Rev X 5 031024 (2015)

Spin relaxation and donor-acceptor recombination of Se+ in 28-silicon R Lo Nardo et al. Phys Rev B 92 165201 (2015)

Coherent storage of microwave excitations in rare-earth nuclear spins G Wolfowicz et al. Phys Rev Lett 114 170503 (2015)

Hybrid optical-electrical detection of donor electron spins with bound excitons in Si CC Lo et al. Nature Materials 14 490 (2015)

Conditional Control of Donor Nuclear Spins in Silicon Using Stark Shifts G Wolfowicz et al. Phys Rev Lett 113 157601 (2014)

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