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Student Enrolment

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Maninder Singh Gill

Maninder Singh Gill

Glazed tiles from Lodhi and Mughal northern India: A technological appraisal
Tel: +974 4457 8680

Mr Maninder Singh Gill is a conservator of art works, based formerly in Noida, India. He holds an MA in Conservation of Art Works from National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India and has been working in the field of art and heritage conservation in India since 1999. Since 2011, Maninder has been enrolled with UCL for a PhD researching on Islamic glazed tiles.

His research interest lies in the application of scientific methods for the analyses of medieval to early modern Islamic tile-work on monuments. He is currently carrying out technical studies on glazed tile-work specimens sourced from sites in northern India, with the objective of determining their material composition, reconstructing their production technology and establishing cultural and technical linkages with their counterparts from other regions in the medieval Islamic world.


Prof Thilo Rehren
Dr Timothy Power

Selected Publications

Gill M.S., and Rehren Th., 2011. Material characterization of ceramic tile mosaic from two 17th century Islamic monuments in northern India. Archaeometry, 53(1), 22-36

Gill M.S., 2010. An investigation and assessment of tile work on Nila Gumbad. In Roemich H., (ed), Glass and Ceramics Conservation 2010: Interim meeting of the ICOM-CC Working Group, Corning, New York. 

Gill M.S., 2009. Analytical procedures for material characterization of Islamic glazed tiles (in India). In Jain K.K., (ed), Conservation of cultural heritage (Essays in honour of Shri A.S. Bisht), Delhi, Agam Kala Prakashan, 119-123.

Gill M.S., and Menon, S., 2009. Condition assessment and mapping of decorative features on monuments. In Agrawal O.P., Sinha N., and Singh S., (eds), Conservation Issues in Asia (Asian Regional Cooperation Conference, New Delhi 2008), New Delhi, INTACH, 9-17

Menon S., Gill M.S., Verhave J., and Blok V., 2008. Conservation of khatamband polychrome decorative ceilings, ICOM 15thTriennial Conference: New Delhi 2008, Preprints, v.2, 913-918