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Archaeology staff and students present at Seminar for Arabian Studies

4 August 2014

Seminar for Arabian Studies

Three members of the UCL Qatar community have delivered presentations at the Seminar for Arabian Studies, an international forum showcasing the latest academic research on the Arabian Peninsula.

Organised by the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia, the prestigious annual event at the British Museum brings together leading Arabian archaeologists, historians and academic scholars. The Seminar provided an opportunity for UCL Qatar to share its recent findings and to highlight the research projects it is undertaking in Qatar and elsewhere in the Gulf.

Benedict Leigh, a student on the MA Archaeology of the Arab and Islamic World degree programme, was accepted to present his research entitled An Overlooked Ware, Everywhere: A Typology of Late Islamic Julfar Ware from Bayt Bin Ātī sequence in al-ʿAin. According to Leigh, there has been a resurgence of field work on the Late Islamic Period in the Gulf, meaning that this research should act as an important reference for archaeologists working in the Gulf.

Dr Robert Carter, who coordinates the MA Archaeology of the Arab and Islamic World degree programme at UCL Qatar, later joined academic colleagues to co-present The Foundation and Growth of a Pearling Town: Archaeological Excavations in Central Doha. The recent archaeological investigations undertaken by Qatar Museums and UCL Qatar in central Doha represent the first large-scale urban excavation to be undertaken in a living town in the Gulf. The excavations were able to reveal the complete occupation history of central Doha, from its foundation in the first half of the 19th century up to the mid-20th century.

Professor Thilo Rehren, Director of UCL Qatar, was also amongst the speakers at the event.

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