Student Enrolment

Student Enrolment

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Peruvian Deputy Minister for Cultural Heritage Delivers Distinguished Lecture at UCL Qatar

1 May 2014

His Excellency Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, PhD, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Republic of Peru

His Excellency Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, PhD, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Republic of Peru, has delivered a public lecture at UCL Qatar as part of a visit to the Gulf region and in the presence of distinguished guests from Qatar’s diplomatic community.

The lecture, Pre-Columbian Civilisations in the Andes, explored the unique ancient archaeological settlements of the rich Central Andean region. The uniqueness of the Central Andean region due to its extreme geographical settings and climate, culminated in its independent development from other regions in the world creating unique characteristics of the societies that inhabited it. At the end of this process, the Incas reached the highest levels of complexity, becoming an empire that controlled parts of six modern South American countries. Before them, the Chavin, Moche, Nasca, Wari and Chimu, among other cultures, followed the path of civilisation.

UCL Qatar was selected as the venue for the key lecture due to its focus on teaching and research into archaeology and cultural heritage. Amongst the more than 100 attendees in the audience, distinguished guests included ministers and ambassadors from a number of South American and other embassies based in Doha, as well as UCL Qatar staff, students and the wider community.

In addition to serving in the Peruvian government, H.E. Castillo Butters holds the position of Professor of Archaeology at The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Director of “San José de Moro Archaeological Program”.

Professor Thilo Rehren, Director of UCL Qatar said: “The purpose of our public lecture series is to not only highlight local but also global issues of interest and concern across the broad field of cultural heritage. Peru, and South American more generally, is one of the richest, most diverse and fascinating topics for study in this field, particularly as it developed independently from the rest of the world. We are grateful and honoured to have hosted His Excellency on this visit to Qatar.”