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Dr Jane Humphris presents UCL's Sudanese archaeological research to German audience

22 January 2014


Dr Jane Humphris, Head of UCL Qatar research in Sudan, has delivered a lecture and presentation at the prestigious Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, University of Cologne, highlighting UCL Qatar's research activity on early Iron production in Sudan. 

The lecture, Industrial Kush, was attended by over fifty academics and students and was a means to introduce UCL Qatar's degree programmes and strategic research activities to the audience of a leading German university.

Dr Humphris presented the research she has been conducting as part of a long-term archaeological investigation of the industries that supported the growth and power of the ancient Nubian kingdom of Kush. The significance and the goals of the research, as well as recent results concerning the work on iron production, mining and quarrying were summarised. Radiocarbon dates, archaeobotanical information and laboratory data were explored in relation to the kingdom, and a lively and informative discussion followed.

The lecture contributed towards an aim of ensuring academic institutions around the world understand the goals of UCL Qatar in striving to educate new generations of heritage professionals and produce research of the highest calibre.