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UCL Qatar hosts workshop on Meroe

3 July 2013

Meroe Workshop

UCL Qatar has welcomed archaeological experts from around the world for a workshop on the Sudanese site of Meroe. The workshop, Meroe: Past, Present and Future, was organised to discuss research agendas and field methods, and determine future strategies and potential areas for collaboration.

Sudanese academics attended the workshop from the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, the University of Khartoum and the University of Shendi, as did colleagues from the German DAI, the Canadian Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Rome and the University of Reading.

A key result of the workshop was the formation of a Meroe Research Group to allow a more comprehensive coordination between teams both academically and logistically. Discussions focused on survey strategies within the Royal City and the broader landscape, sharing of data and results, and more general site management approaches.

With the new QSAP initiative (Qatar Sudan Archaeology Project) poised to begin, whereby many of the teams will receive funding for the next five years of research in Sudan from Qatar, UCL Qatar will continue to be a key focal point in facilitating communications and ideas throughout the archaeological community at Meroe.