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Origins of Doha project webpages launched

19 March 2013


Archaeologists working on UCL Qatar's QNRF-funded research project, The Origins of Doha, are allowing the public to learn more about their work and track their findings online via the Origins of Doha website. Containing a history of Doha, building recording and excavation news, the webpages will document the investigations taking place that will serve to establish how Doha was originally settled, and how it transformed into the city that it is today.

The project will include a combination of archaeological investigation, historical research and oral testimony. It applies detailed analytical techniques to the archaeological record of Doha and Bida’, according to current best practice in archaeological research.

Specific aims of the project include tracing of the changing physical extent and urban configuration of Biddaʿ and Doha through time, using historic maps, aerial photographs and the excavation of archaeological deposits. This will be complimented by a compiling a comprehensive historical record of Biddaʿ and Doha from both European and Arabic sources, as well as oral testimony.

Visit the Origins of Doha.