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Air Conditioning: We need to talk about indoor Climate Change

31 December 2012

Tim Winter

Tim Winter, Associate Professor, Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney, is currently based at UCL Qatar as Visiting Researcher. Following the conclusion of the COP18 International Climate Change talks in Doha, Dr Winter has published an article entitled 'Air Conditioning: We need to talk about indoor Climate Change.'

Dr Winter is a sociologist by training, and has previously held positions at the University of Sydney and the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. Tim’s research interests stem from a curiosity in the term ‘heritage’: how the concept is shaped epistemologically through certain knowledge practices; and how it figures in issues like nationalism, cultural diplomacy, post-conflict recovery, sustainability, postcolonial identities and urban development.

He is currently leading two ARC funded projects. The first Cultural Heritage in Conflict Transformation Societies, is a multi-countried study that considers the degree to which cultural heritage programmes successfully contribute to, or inhibit, broader processes of conflict transformation and post-conflict recovery, paying particular attention to the role played by cultural sector institutions, both domestic and international.

The second ARC project, Cool living heritage in Southeast Asia: sustainable alternatives to air-conditioned cities is the second phase of SOCooLH (Sustaining Our Cool Living Heritage). With around 50% of the world’s carbon emissions currently coming from buildings, SOCooLH focuses in on the vast amounts of energy now being used to chill interior spaces across the Asia Pacific region. The project sets out to better understand the complex and inter-connected cultural, economic and physical transformations air-conditioning technologies have brought about.

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