Student Enrolment

Student Enrolment

Our admissions is now open for the 2017 academic year!  The deadline to submit an application is the 1 June 2017 for enrolment on the 10 September 2017.  For enquiries about UCL Qatar degree programmes, please contact

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UCL Alumni Activity in Qatar

30 July 2012


Alumni Contact: Sheikh Asif Mahmood (UCL Bartlett 2006)

Upcoming Events

Iftar - 2 August 2012, 6pm

On Thursday 2 August UCL alumni will meet for an iftar at Souk Waqif. All welcome, including spouses and partners, even if not fasting.

Venue: Souk Waqif

For more information and to attend this event please email Sheikh Asif Mahmood

Previous Events

UCL Alumni Gathering - 13 November 2011

On Sunday 13th November UCL hosted the first official UCL alumni gathering in Qatar at the W Hotel.

Alumni were joined by Professor Michael Worton (UCL International Vice-Provost) and Mrs Lori Manders (UCL Director of Development and Alumni Relations). Professor Worton gave a brief overview of UCL today, including some of the recent developments and initiatives which have seen the University shoot up in international rankings.

Guests were also joined by Professor Thilo Rehren (Director, UCL Qatar) and Ray Harding (COO, UCL Qatar) who spoke about UCL Qatar, and answered questions about UCL's presence in Qatar.