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UCL Qatar Launches Public Lecture Series

30 March 2012

UCL Qatar

We are delighted to announce the launch of the UCL Qatar Lecture Series. Open to the general public, our upcoming events offer an insight into Arab and Islamic Archaeology, and explore past and contemporary cultural heritage issues of relevance to Qatar, the Gulf and the wider region.

The UCL Qatar Lecture Series kicks off on Wednesday 4 April. Dr Timothy Power presents The Dome of The Rock: Meaning and Monumentality at the Museum of Islamic Art, 6.30pm. The series continues with The Lower Sea and the Waters of Death: the Ancient Origins of Seafaring and Maritime Trade in the Gulf, presented by Dr Robert Carter (Tuesday 15 May, Georgetown University Building, 6.00pm).

For queries, please email Mr Brett Kershaw.

Following the summer break, our Lecture Series will resume in Autumn 2012.