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Petrie Museum delegation visits UCL Qatar

25 January 2012

Petrie Museum Staff

Staff members from the renowned Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London (L-R Dr. Margaret Serpico, Digital Curator, Dr. Giancarlo Amati, Research Assistant, Digital Development, and Tonya Nelson, Museum Manager) have visited the UCL Qatar campus in Doha. Their visit corresponds to a new collaboration that will see innovative digital technologies used to support teaching and research connected to UCL Qatar’s archaeology, conservation and museum studies course offerings. 

The Petrie Museum has been involved in a multi-year research project aimed at creating 3D digital replicas of the ancient artefacts in its collection.  With these digital 3D models, a range of augmented reality and gesture recognition applications have been developed that will allow students to interact with archaeological materials in new and interesting ways.  An exhibition of these technologies at UCL Qatar is planned for this fall.  The Petrie Museum staff also visited Museum of Islamic Art, Media Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arab Art, Children’s Museum, Orientalist Museum, and National Museum to explore expanding its 3D imaging programme to include a range of different heritage materials.

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