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Dr Melina Smirniou

Female Avatar

Visiting Academic (2012-2013) 

Dr Melina Smirniou is a conservator and archaeological scientist based in Athens, Greece. She holds a PhD in Archaeological Science and MA and MSc degrees in Conservation from UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. She has worked as a conservator at the British Museum, co-directed and founded Conservators Without Borders and now serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the non-profit organization Heritage Without Borders. Melina has conducted extensive work at sites in Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Cyprus. 

Whilst at UCL Qatar, Dr Smirniou is teaching technology, deterioration and conservation processes of ceramics, glass and stone objects. She is also studying the technology of early Islamic glazed ceramics. Her additional research interests include the Late Bronze Age primary production and trade of glass in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as analysis and characterisation of glass and glazed ceramics from a wide range of chronological periods and regions.

Selected Publications

Smirniou, M., and Peters, R., 2012, Characterisation of a glass bead from Lisakovsk, in Usmanova, E.R. (ed.), Lisakovsk sites: Archaeological Memories. Collective monograph Karaganda-Liskaovsk. Karagandinskii gos. Universitet.

Smirniou, M., Rehren, Th., Adrymi-Sismani, V., Asderaki, E., Gratuze, B., 2012, Mycenaean glass: a matter of local production or of a trade network?, Annales du 18e Congrès l' Association Internationale pour l' Histoire du Verre, Thessaloniki, September 21-25, 2009.

Roehrs, S., Smirniou, M., Marée,M., 2012, The British Museum's Amarna glass fish scientifically investigated, Annales du 18e Congrès l' Association Internationale pour l' Histoire du Verre, Thessaloniki, September 21-25, 2009.

Smirniou, M., Pohl, C., and D'Arcangelo, D., 2012, Conservators Without Borders: an International Archaeological Conservation and Outreach Initiative. In Hamilton, E. (ed) Objects Specialty Group Post-prints, Volume 15. Objects Specialty Group of the AIC: Washington.

Smirniou, M., and Rehren, Th., 2011, Direct evidence of primary glass production in Late Bronze Age Amarna, Egypt. Archaeometry 53 (1): 58-80.

Smirniou, M., Verri, G., Roberts, P., Meek, A., Spataro, M., 2010, A new perspective on the construction methods of an Opus Vermiculatum panel, British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, Vol. 4, London: Archetype Publications.

Korenberg, K., Smirniou, M., and Birkholzer, K., 2008, Investigating the use of the Nd:YAG laser to clean ancient Egyptian polychrome artefacts, in Ruiz, J., Radvan, R., Oujja, M., Castillejo, M., and Moreno, P., Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks VII: 221-226. CRC Press.