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Eleni Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti

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Visiting Researcher (2012-2013)

Eleni Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti is a conservator of antiquities, based in Volos, Greece. She holds an MA in Principles in Conservation from UCL. She has worked as a senior conservator in various archaeological ephorates in Greece since 1985 and was the Director of the Department of Conservation at the Archaeological Museum of Volos from 2008 to 2011. Whilst at UCL Qatar she has been writing a paper on the results of the research of iron objects from Halos, and continues her research on early bronze and glass objects. She has also contributed her expertise to the MSc Conservation Studies degree programme.

Mrs Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti has been an Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, London, since 2002. Her main research interest surrounds the understanding of the manufacture of ancient objects, in particular metals, glass and pigments. Her current and recent projects include the study of Early Iron Age material found in excavations in Magnesia, Greece, the Early Bronze Age metallurgy of the Petromagoula settlement, and pigments and tinning on Hellenistic terracotta figurines from Pherai.

Selected Publications

Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti E. & Karydas A.G., (2011), “XRF Analyses of Four Silver Gilded Hellenistic Epaulettes”, Proceedings of the 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, Sienna, May 2008, pp. 569-574.

Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti E.& Doulgeri-Intzesiloglou A., (2010), “Hellenistic Terracotta figurines from Pherai:Tin Foil detection and Pigments identification”, Journal of the Roemisch-Germanisches Zentral-Museum in Mainz, “Archaeologie und Restaurierung”, vol. 3, 2010, pp. 151-161.

Asderaki, E., Rehren, Th. and Malakasioti, Z. (2009), “Bronze-plated iron bowls from Early Iron Age central Greece”. In: J.-F. Moreau, R. Auger, J. Chabot (Eds), Proceedings of 36th International Symposium on Archaeometry, ISBN 978-2-920576-98-8, CELAT, University Laval: Quebec, pages 383-390.

Rehren, Th., Asderaki, E. and Malakasioti, Z. (2009), The Geometric tomb at the site of Voulakaliva: a first archaeometric approach. In: Archaeologiko Ergo Thessalias kai Stereas Elladas, Volos, 207-216. 

Asderaki, E. and Rehren, Th. (2008), Complex beauty: the manufacture of Hellenistic wreaths. In: Proceedings of the 4th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry (Y. Facorellis, N. Zacharias and K. Polikreti, eds), BAR IS 1746, Oxford, 507-514.

Asderaki E. and Rehren Th. (2007), "Hellenistic lead workshop in Pherai –A first archaeometric approach". In: YPEREIA 4, Proceedings 4th International Conference "Pherai-Velestino-Rigas", October 2003, Athens, 79-87. In Greek. 

Asderaki E., Tsatsouli K., Karydas A., (2006), “Manufacture technology and materials of an early Hellenistic funerary bronze urn”. In Proceedings of the 34th International Symposium on Archaeometry, Zaragoza Spain, 3-7 May 2004, Perez-Arontegui, J, (ed), pp.137-144.