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Prof Thilo Rehren

Thilo Rehren

Director - UCL Qatar
Tel: +974 4457 8683

As Director of UCL Qatar, Professor Thilo Rehren has played a crucial role in the creation and implementation of the campus, and now steers its academic and administrative team towards a long-term presence in Qatar defined by academic excellence. In addition to his role as Director of UCL Qatar, he maintains close links with the UCL Institute of Archaeology in London, where he continues to supervise PhD students and collaborate in research projects. He also contributes to teaching in UCL Qatar’s postgraduate degree programmes. 

Professor Rehren continues his own research across a wide range of regions, periods and materials, with a particular focus on the reconstruction of past processes for the production of metals and glass. In ancient glass, he has worked extensively on Late Bronze Age glass making in Egypt, including providing the first demonstrable proof of actual glass-making during this period. He has studied Hellenistic and Roman to Late Antique glass chemistry, and investigated the relationship between glass and glaze compositions in early Islamic Central Asia. In archaeometallurgy, he initially focused on the role that crucibles played in producing and manipulating metals and alloys. Further original research includes Islamic crucible steel production in Central Asia and its comparison to the early modern crucible steel production in India and Sri Lanka; South American silver production spanning some 2,000 years; Islamic gold production and ore refining in North Africa; medieval lead smelting and the role of lead in silver cupellation from the Early Bronze Age to the early Modern Period; Neolithic to Bronze Age copper smelting in the Balkans; the production of Roman and medieval brass and zinc; and the earliest industrial production of pure platinum for coinage in early 19th century Russia.

Professor Rehren holds a PhD in Volcanology from Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. He has studied Greek and Latin and, prior to his PhD, studied earth sciences, specialising in economic geology. He spent ten years as curator of geological collections and research scientist at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum in Bochum; during this time he obtained a higher doctorate in materials science/archaeometallurgy. In 1999 he commenced his position as chair in Archaeological Materials and Technologies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, developing it into one of the leading centres for archaeological materials research. During this period, he also contributed to the Institute’s collaboration with the University of Science and Technology Beijing and with Peking University in Beijing, as Director of the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology.

Selected Publications

Rehren, Th. and Pusch, E.B. 2012: Alloying and resource management in New Kingdom Egypt: the bronze industry at Qantir – Pi-Ramesse and its relationship to Egyptian copper sources. In: V. Kassianidou and G. Papasavvas (eds), Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy and Metalwork in the Second Millennium BC, 215-221. Oxbow Books, ISBN 978-1-84217-453-1.

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