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Dr Serena Iervolino

Serena Iervolino

Lecturer in Museology and Curatorial Studies
Tel: +974 4000 2815

Dr Serena Iervolino is a Lecturer in Museology and Curatorial Studies at UCL Qatar. She coordinates the MA in Museum and Gallery Practice and lectures primarily on the history and theory of museums, museum policy and politics, cultural policy issues, museum management, critical issues in the curation of ‘contemporary’ art, and problems associated to the representation of ‘other’ cultures. Her research interests include the politics of museums, the ideologies and politics of exhibitions, participatory heritage approaches, appropriate museology approaches in ‘non-Western’ contexts, changes in museum practice and professional identities, museums’ social purpose, and human rights issues. Her primary area of research explores how post/colonial trajectories, national-building processes, cultural policies, migration patterns and other factors of change are shaping current approaches to the display, interpretation, and conservation of ‘non-Western’ material culture and ‘contemporary' art in Europe and in the Middle East, while also fueling new museum developments and expansions. She is also exploring collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to processes of knowledge-production and dissemination, both in museums and in academia. Recently she completed the project ‘Research In Translation: Public Engagement through Exhibition Displays’ (funded through the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2013-15), which she led with Dr Ceri Jones (University of Leicester).

Dr Iervolino holds a PhD in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. Previously, she received a ‘Laurea Magistrale’ (cum laudem) in Tourism Economics and Management from the University of Naples ‘Parthenope’, Italy, having spent a semester at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, on an EU Erasmus exchange programme. More recently, Dr Iervolino completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Science Museum, London, funded through the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council. She has worked in a variety of sectors, including in arts centres and grassroots cultural organisations, media, and youth engagement services. She has lectured and has held research and academic management positions at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick, and the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester.

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