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Student Enrolment

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Dr Myrto Georgakopoulou

Myrto Georgakopoulou

Lecturer in Archaeological Materials Science
Tel: +974 4000 2672

Dr Myrto Georgakopoulou is UCL Qatar’s Lecturer in Archaeological Materials Science. Her research interests centre on early metal technology, circulation, and organisation of production; pottery provenance studies through the application of chemical analysis and integration with petrographic data; and Aegean prehistory. More broadly she is interested in the application of techniques from the physical sciences to address archaeological questions and the development of analytical protocols for archaeological materials. At UCL Qatar, Dr Georgakopoulou supervises the Archaeological Materials Science Laboratories and contributes to teaching on the MSc in Conservation Studies.

Dr Georgakopoulou holds a PhD in Archaeology and an MSc in Archaeology from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and a BSc in Chemistry from Imperial College London. Her doctorate addressed the technology and organisation of Early Bronze Age Aegean copper production using material from smelting sites on the Cycladic islands of Seriphos and Keros. She was previously employed at the Fitch Laboratory of the British School at Athens.

Selected Publications

Golfomitsou, S., Georgakopoulou, M., Rehren, Th.., 2015. Cultural Heritage Career Paths for Materials Scientists and Corrosion Engineers, in H.L. Lim (ed.), Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Materials Science and Corrosion Engineering Education, 349-368. Hershey: IGI Global

Georgakopoulou, M., 2014. Metallurgical remains from regional surveys of “non-industrial” landscapes: The case of the Kythera Island Project, Journal of Field Archaeology, 39 (1), 67-83

Georgakopoulou, M., 2013. Metal artefacts and metallurgy, in A.C. Renfrew, O. Philaniotou, G. Gavalas, N. Brodie, M. Boyd (eds.), The Sanctuary on Keros and the Origins of Aegean Ritual Practice: the Excavations of 2006-2008. Volume I: The Settlement at Dhaskalio, 667-692. Cambridge: McDonald Institute

Georgakopoulou, M. and Kassianidou, L., 2013. Archaeometallurgical finds and analytical results, in M. Given, A.B. Knapp, J. Noller, L. Sollars, and V. Kassianidou (eds.), Landscape and Interaction. The Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project, Cyprus. Vol 1. Methodology, Analysis, and Interpretation, 237-253. Oxford: Oxbow Books

Pentedeka, A., Georgakopoulou, M., and Kiriatzi, E., 2012. Understanding local products and exploring sources of imports: petrographic and chemical analysis of Classical pottery from Kolonna, Aegina, in G. Klebinder-Gauß, Keramik aus klassischen Kontexten im Apollon-Heiligtum von Ägina-Kolonna. Lokale Produktion und Importe. (Ägina-Kolonna. Forschungen und Ergebnisse VI), 102-170. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Science

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Georgakopoulou, M., Bassiakos, Y., and Philaniotou, O., 2011. Seriphos surfaces: a study of copper slag heaps and copper sources in the context of Early Bronze Age Aegean metal production, Archaeometry, 53 (1), 123-145

Kiriatzi, E., Georgakopoulou, M., and Pentedeka, A., 2011. Pottery production and importation at Bronze Age Kolonna: the ceramic fabrics and the island’s landscape, in W. Gauss and E. Kiriatzi, Pottery Production and Supply at Bronze Age Kolonna, Aegina: an Integrated Archaeological and Scientific Study of a Ceramic Landscape, 69-156. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Science

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Georgakopoulou, M. and Bassiakos, Y., 2010. Production of ancient metals and the study of associated remains (in Greek), in Y. Liritzis and N. Zacharias (eds.), ArxaioYlika: Arxaiologikes, Arxaiometrikes kai Politismikes Proseggiseis, 419-442. Athens: Papazisis

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Zacharias, N., Michael, C.T., Georgakopoulou, M., Kilikoglou, V., and Bassiakos, Y., 2006. Quartz TL dating on selected layers from archaeometallurgical kiln fragments: a proposed procedure to overcome age dispersion, Geochronometria, 25, 29-35