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Dr Karen Exell

Karen Exell

Lecturer in Museum Studies
Tel: +974 4457 8698

Dr Karen Exell is Lecturer in Museum Studies at UCL Qatar. She lectures specifically on the theory and philosophy pf museums, and issues of museology in non-western contexts. Her research interests include museums and the creation of knowledge in relation to heritage and identity, the social and cultural meaning and impact of museums in the GCC, and collecting practices in the region. She is currently developing a project to evaluate the impact of the rapid development of museums in the GCC on local cultural identities, and is writing a monograph on recent museum development in the GCC. Her past work has focussed on the perception and reception of ancient Egypt in Museums in the UK.

Dr Exell holds a PhD in Egyptology from the University of Durham, a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of St Andrews, and a BA in Egyptology from the University of Oxford. She been employed for over 15 years in museums and heritage in the United Kingdom and Egypt before moving to Qatar in 2011. She has worked predominantly in university museums, curating ancient Egypt and associated collections at the University of Manchester and University of Durham, as well as teaching Museology, Egyptology and Archaeology.

Selected Publications

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