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Dr Jose Carvajal Lopez

Jose Carvajal Lopez

Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology
Tel: +974 4000 2808

Dr Jose C. Carvajal Lopez is Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology at UCL Qatar. By training he is a specialist in the archaeology of al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia) and in pottery analysis. He has studied the early Islamic period in the Vega of Granada (south east Spain, 7th-11th centuries CE), mainly through morpho-typological and technological studies of pottery that include petrological and elemental analysis. He has also published about Islamisation and about the development of the archaeology of al-Andalus. And he is currently developing fieldwork projects in Qatar, Palestine and Iraqi Kurdistan. He is the director of two projects with QNRF funding: Materiality and Preservation in Islamic Contexts and The Crowded Desert.

Dr Carvajal Lopez’s work focuses on the archaeology of the early Islamic period, with interest in all kinds of cultural encounters, but particularly in Islamisation. He also enjoys getting involved in questions of relations between Archaeology and History and in theoretical thinking in Archaeology in general. Dr Carvajal Lopez has also developed projects in other areas of the Mediterranean: Butrint (Albania) in the Venetian-Ottoman period, Athens (Greece) in the early medieval period, Mytilene (Lesvos Island, Greece) in the Ottoman period and Palestine in the Byzantine-Islamic transition. He has collaborated with institutions in Spain, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Palestine, USA and Austria. In the years leading to his PhD, Dr Carvajal Lopez was involved in urban archaeology in Granada and in Madina Ilbira (Spain).

Selected Publications