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Dr Brigitte Cech

Brigitte Cech

Senior Research Fellow
Tel: +974 4000 2810

Dr Brigitte Cech is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL Qatar. Her current project, for which she spends periods of the year conducting archaeological field excavations in Sudan, involves the study and analysis of ancient mining and quarrying techniques for stone and iron ore, which laid the foundations for the Kingdom of Kush. 

Dr Cech holds a PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Vienna and a habilitation in Mining and Industrial Archaeology, also from the University of Vienna, where Her previous research projects include Late Medieval and Early Modern Times precious metal production in the Bockhart mining area in the Gasteiner Tal in the Austrian Alps and, since 2003, ferrum Noricum, Roman iron production in Hüttenberg, a village in southern Austria. Since 2007 she has been Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, London.  

Selected Publications

B. Cech, A Roman gold mining district in eastern Austria. Historical Metallurgy 46/2, 2012 (published in 2014), 60-77.

B. Cech, Th. Rehren (eds.), Early Iron in Europe. Monographies instrumentum 50, 2014.

B.Cech, The production of ferrum Noricum at Huettenberg, Austria – the results of archaeological excavations carried out from 2003 to 2010 at the site Semlach/Eisner, in: B. Cech, Th. Rehren (eds.), Early Iron in Europe. Monographies instrumentum 50, 2014, 11-20.

B.Cech. T. Birch, R. Scholger, G. Walach and F. Stremke, Finding the invisible smelt: using new attributes to find the furnace, in: A. Hauptmann, D. Modarressi-Tehrani, M. Prange (eds.), Abstracts of the International Conference Archaeometallurgy in Europe III, Metalla, Sonderheft 4, Bochum 2011, 237-238.

B.Cech, G. Walach and R. Scholger, Geomagnetic and Geoelectric Prospection on a Roman Iron Production Facility in Hüttenberg, Austria (Ferrum Noricum), Archaeological Prospection 18, 2011, 149-158.

B. Cech, Die Produktion von Ferrum Noricum am Hüttenberger Erzberg - Die Ergebnisse der interdisziplinären Forschungen auf der Fundstelle Semlach/Eisner in den Jahren 2003 – 2005 (The production of Ferrum Noricum at the Hüttenberger Erzberg: the results of interdisciplinary research at Semlach/Eisner between 2003 - 2005), Austria Antiqua 2, Wien 2008. 

Spätmittelalterliche bis frühneuzeitliche Edelmetallgewinnung in den Hohen Tauern. Montanarchäologische Forschungen im Bockhartrevier, Gasteiner Tal (Bundesland Salzburg) (Precious metal production in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Times in the Hohe Tauern, Austria. Archaeological research in the Bockhart mining field, Gastein Valley, Salzburg, Monographien des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums 70, Mainz 2007.

Water power in 16th century precious metal production in the Austrian Alps. The results of interdisciplinary research in the mining district of Gastein, in: P. Claughton (Ed.), Water Power in Mining. Proceedings of the NAMHO-conference 2002, "The Application of Water Power in Mining" in Aberystwyth, Wales. Mining History 15, Nos. 4/5, 2004, 77 - 82.

Gold and silver production in the fifteenth and sixteenth century based on the results of archaeological excavations in the Gasteiner Tal, Austria. in: M. Feugère, M. Gustin (eds.): Iron, Blacksmiths and Tools. Ancient European crafts. Acts of the Instrumentum Conference at Podsreda (Slovenia) in April 1999. Instrumentum Monographies 12, 2000, 21-33.

B.Cech & G. Walach, Medieval Gold and Silver Mining in the Hohe Tauern (Austria) – Results of an Archaeological/Archaeometric project, in: Proceedings of the 5th International Mining History Congress in Milos 2000. 2001, 282-312.