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Outreach at UCL Qatar

Outreach at UCL Qatar

The primary role of our outreach programme is to raise awareness of and spread interest in the fields of cultural heritage, art and archaeology within the local community. Programmes and services are provided throughout the year by UCL Qatar staff with the support of the Supreme Education Council and Qatar Museums. These programmes include many hands-on activities and workshops, as well as lectures and seminars.

We focus our outreach programme primarily on children and schools but we have also developed programmes for people without ease of access and exposure to cultural heritage due to their limited mobility or social environment.

The whole process of engagement towards the community is educational. UCL believes that education has a major role to play in diffusing cultural heritage in order to encourage dialogue between the communities and also raise aspirations for higher education in this area.

Our objectives are to offer interactive-based learning programmes in archaeology, museums practice and conservation delivered by qualified instructors and to develop people’s awareness on and enthusiasm for cultural heritage.

Our pilot project, “Archaeology Rocks: Discovering archaeology through excavation” was delivered to 150 students at the American School of Doha. Sixth grade students took part in activities designed to help them understand the purpose of excavating and the duty of an archaeologist. Working in sand to replicate a real-life excavation site, they acquired key skills of an archaeologist by excavating, organising a field, measuring, recording and documenting objects.   

UCL welcomes approaches from organisations and community groups that are eager to be involved in our outreach activities.