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Student Enrolment

Our admissions process is currently closed. We will begin accepting applications for entry in August 2016 in late 2015, through to May 2016. For enquiries about UCL Qatar degree programmes, please contact

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UCL research showcased at the IV Archaeometallurgy in Europe conference

Researchers from the Institute of Archaeology and UCL Qatar showcased a wealth of archaeometallurgical research at the IV Archaeometallurgy in Europe conference recently in Madrid.

Published: Jun 9, 2015 11:15:54 AM

Journal of Archaeological Science

Scoping the Future of Archaeological Science

Marcos Martinón-Torres, Thilo Rehren & Robin Torrence have guest edited a special issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science with papers in honour of Richard Klein. More...

Published: Jun 7, 2015 1:48:32 PM

Figure 1

A palace underneath the wheat? Qantir-Piramesse project prepares upcoming excavation season

Figure 1
Last week Dr Henning Franzmeier, Field Director for UCL Qatar’s archaeological project in Egypt’s north-eastern Nile Delta, travelled to the country in order to prepare planned fieldwork for the autumn season. More...

Published: Jun 1, 2015 1:47:27 PM

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