Our public policy strategy is being taken forward by the Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research).

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  • Dr Sarah Bell (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) on the UCLoo Festival
  • Professor Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy) on what philosophy can offer public policy

UCL Public Policy briefings

As part of the UCL Public Policy Strategy, we publish working papers and policy briefings on topical public policy issues.  

Britain and Europe Climate Change and Environment Disaster Reduction

Refugee Protection, Migration and Human Rights in Europe

Human Rights and British Values

The European Union Act: Your Power to Veto EU Changes?

The Single Market Review

Greening the Recovery

Public Participation and Climate Change Infrastructure

Governance of Climate Change Technologies

Durban Deal-Breakers

Tackling Climate Change
Data, Decision-making and Disasters
Global Health Health Housing, Property and Planning

Addressing global non-communicable diseases

Global Mental Health: Addressing the Global Burden of Depression

Obesity: What is making the world fat? And what can we do?

Future trends in Cardio-Metabolic Disease: Lessons from Migrant Studies

Population, Development and Climate Change: Links and Effects on Human Health 

The Role of Women's Groups in Improving Maternal and Newborn Health

Population Footprints

The Future of Healthcare in Europe: Meeting Future Challenges

Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Demolition and Refurbishment of Social Housing

Sustainable Commercial Property

The Future of Planning

Research Policy Sustainable Cities Transport
Maths Matters The UCL–Lancet Healthy Cities Commission briefings Transport policy briefings series
Grass Portico

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