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Why Should the Taxpayer Fund Science and Research?

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The Complexity of Decision-Making

6pm, 21 January 2014

UCL Honorary Professor Noreena Hertz will deliver a keynote presentation based on her book Eyes Wide Open which considers how to improve decision-making, including managing information excess; assessing the credibility of information; making best use of advice; and adopting better processes for decision-making.

This event will include a panel discussion featuring Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL Economics), Dr Claire Craig (Government Office for Science) and Professor Susan Michie(UCL Centre for Behaviour Change) which will consider decision-making in the context of wellbeing, policy development and delivery, including the role of experts and how scientific advice and research evidence can feed into decision-making; how different factors are weighed; and how improved decision-making can lead to more effective policy development.

This is a UCL Public Policy / Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing event

More details and registration here

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