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  • Dr Sarah Bell (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) on the UCLoo Festival
  • Professor Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy) on what philosophy can offer public policy

UCL Department of Security and Crime Science and UCL Jill Dando Institute

  • The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science is the first Institute in the world devoted to Crime Science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security, drawing upon UCL's vast experience in related disciplines, including architecture, economics, engineering, geography, medicine, psychology, statistics and town planning. The JDI brings together 30 top research departments and research groups across UCL all with a working interest in the field of security and crime.
  • The UCL Department of Security and Crime Science is a separate entity to the JDI which offers postgraduate and taught courses. It is the first university department in the world devoted specifically to reducing crime and other risks to personal and national security. It does this through teaching, research, public policy analysis and by the dissemination of evidence-based information on crime reduction and security enhancement. We bring together politicians, scientists, designers and  practitioners to examine patterns in crime and security threats, and to find practical methods to disrupt these patterns. Our mission is to change policy and practice.


JDiBrief is an online library of one-page briefing notes about crime and security problems, and analytical techniques that can be applied to understand them better. Written by experts in their field for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers, these briefs present examples of, and recommendations for, effective practice. Access the briefing notes here.

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